Willowton - Changing perceptions with cohesive thinking

Changing perceptions with cohesive thinking

To build stronger positioning in the cooking and food category, Willowton has partnered with Jellyfish on a full rebrand, website build and a kick-off creative campaign.


As the title sponsor of South Africa’s premier cricket competition, Sunfoil Sunflower Oil, produced by the Willowton Group, had a stronger brand association with sport than with the kitchen. To break away from that association and build stronger positioning in the cooking and food category, Willowton has partnered with Jellyfish on a full rebrand, website build and a creative campaign to kick off the relaunch.


The initial rebrand focused on a new website, experience and social community called “Now We Cooking”. Its goal was to engage users in exchanging recipes for popular dishes, with Willowton brands such as Sunfoil promoted as key ingredients. But the creative campaign to launch Now We Cooking had even more impact.

New Ideas

We conceptualized and rolled out a promotion named “Cooking With Emojis,” which challenged participants to transpose their favorite recipes using only emojis. The winning entrant had their dish cooked by a celebrity chef during a morning broadcast of the Morning Show on Etv, and received a prize package to the value of R50 000 (approx. $3480).

Across The Web

The sweeping campaign integrated social media, email, GDN, paid search, Youtube and website visits in a sophisticated web of cross-platform targeting, and resulted in over five million impressions across three phases of teasing, voting, and results.

Future Thinking

And through interaction points in the competition, Sunfoil gained valuable insights into popular household recipes, identified ideal audiences for future campaigns, and built evergreen user-generated content for their new website.

Strategy. Creativity. Together.


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