Greenpeace and Jellyfish: Creative campaign to combat food insecurity

Creative campaign to combat food insecurity

Greenpeace has launched the first start-up in France delivering meals that are disgusting - for both your health and the planet.

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Survifood - a Greenpeace campaign by Jellyfish

Survifood - a Greenpeace campaign by Jellyfish

The context

Seven million. That is the number of people in France who have to resort to food aid. Among those affected is a large number of young people, in particular students who are increasingly finding themselves in a situation of food insecurity.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, one in two students believes they do not have enough to eat and many face difficulties feeding themselves in a balanced and affordable way.

How can we encourage the French presidential election candidates to incorporate concrete solutions for combating food insecurity into their manifestos? 

The objective

Through Survifood, Greenpeace France hopes to engage presidential election candidates and trigger a reaction among the general public, particularly the younger generation, to make them understand that food insecurity is not inevitable.

Solutions do exist and can be put in place, such as the food social security initiative in France or even subsidizing healthy and sustainable meals in universities for 1 euro.

A creative idea

An absurd situation deserves an absurd response

Survifood is a delivery service that delivers meals that are disgusting – for both your health and the planet. It’s a fake food delivery platform for youngsters, delivering revolting dishes at low prices. The company has an all-consuming commercial appetite and its business can be summed up in just a few words: “hunger justifies all means”. In reality, Survifood is a magnifying glass. It magnifies the reality faced by many young people in France, who not only struggle to feed themselves, but also have poor diets.

A fake start-up benefiting from a real 360° campaign

From 21 February until 10 April 2022, the faux delivery service Survifood was supported by a comprehensive social media and influencer campaign.

This campaign drew inspiration from the typical sort of communications used by famous food delivery service platforms and start-ups that continue to earn millions of euros every day.

What if we did the same, but this time to combat food insecurity? Survifood is a campaign based on an absurd, anticipated scenario that launched right in the middle of the election period.


Two million impressions from a media investment of €0:

  • Poster campaign in Le Figaro newspaper – 300k impressions (campaign offered free of charge by the advertising agency).
  • Posts by nine influencers on Instagram and Twitter – 1 million impressions.
  • Creative asset posts by Greenpeace on their social media – 600k impressions.
  • Plus all the impressions generated by coverage of the subject in the media (on BFM TV, as well as in magazines and on websites for Stratégies, CB News, Culture Pub, Brand news, Dans ta Pub, Influencia and more).

And also:

  • 150k interactions and likes from different communities on posts, stories, reels and live videos posted by various influencers on social media. 
  • An abundance of messages of support and accounts of real-life experiences received. 
  • The petition received 22k signatures.

The campaign has also been archived in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Paris for a future exhibition. 

Survifood _ the next-gen food startup

Survifood _ the next-gen food startup


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