Campaign localization for YouTube

Global campaign localization and cultural adaptation for YouTube

By streamlining the process and leveraging integrated localization, YouTube EMEA and Jellyfish triumphe over a major localization hurdle.

Jellyfish supports Google with a range of localisation services. For example, in late 2019 we supported YouTube by producing localised campaign material promoting YouTube’s Premium, Student and Music subscription plans.

The business challenge

Google encountered a significant hurdle in localizing marketing assets for their YouTube team in EMEA. Their objective was to streamline the localization process to increase speed, efficiency, and market reach, ultimately driving more subscription sign-ups. This involved adapting master video content, modifying images for specific markets, accommodating preferences for featured artists, reflecting pricing and currency variations, reviewing partner logos, and adjusting the User Interface to cater to the Arabic app's orientation.

The response

Working closely with Jellyfish's team YouTube EMEA found a solution to their challenge by leveraging an integrated localization service. The overall aim was to increase the speed of turnaround, deliver efficiencies (time and cost), to reach more markets across EMEA and – most importantly – drive subscription sign-ups.

We provided an integrated localization service covering in-market cultural checks; transcreation; UI localization; video editing; voiceover casting/recording and delivery ensuring a simple process to deliver 300 + beautifully localised videos for various target markets including; Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, and South Africa.


Localised assets created


EMEA markets reached


Uplift in subscription sign-ups

"As this was our first project with Splash, we didn’t know how efficient they would be, but they turned out to be highly so."

YouTube Team Member

The success measures

  • Full visibility of time taken and cost
    Splash’s production process enabled the YouTube team to retain full transparency of localised assets, with significant improvements in turnaround times and production costs.
  • Positive feedback
    The regional and in-market YouTube teams provided positive feedback regarding the new localisation process, the response to the localised adverts and sign-up rates for the campaign.
  • Detailed data analysis
    With the campaign on YouTube’s network, their detailed statistics and reports show delivery of a highly effective campaign.
  • Efficiency drives broader reach
    Localised assets were delivered efficiently into more markets than in any previous campaign.


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