L'AGEFI builds a BtoB data model through the Data Deep Dive methodology 

Building a BtoB data model through the Data Deep Dive methodology 

To support their GDPR and business objectives we implemented a 360 view using our Data Deep Dive methology.


L'Agefi is a media group that produces economic and financial analyses along with events for professional investors and decision-makers.

In 2019, L'Agefi has overhauled its information system, with a Customer Data Platform at the heart of the system to create a 360° view of the 17 possible interaction points for an AGEFI contact, and to manage RGPD and business issues (customer knowledge, personalised service offering).

Solution: a target data model

To support l'Agefi with their GDPR and need for better business personalization we decided to implement a 360 view. We used our unique Data Deep Dive methodology to build a specific BtoB data model.

The model has three specific features: 

  • Contact identity based on a contact/company pair (the same contact can be multi-companies)
  • Consents by vertical, with a switch to priority opt-in in the event of multiple subscriptions
  • Subscriptions managed in the same way as consents (for example the contact is opt-in to the publication for the duration of the subscription).

The architecture of the target model is based on an Activity Id (contact/company pair) which identifies unique events linked to :  

  • Commercial data from Salesforce: contact function, company name, turnover, number of employees and company address, business sector...
  • Offline and online subscription data: who pays for the subscription, sponsored users, licences and subscriptions, with calculated indicators (number of licences, etc.)...
  • Email tracking data: campaign name, date sent, status (opened/clicked, etc.)...
  • Participation in events: name, date, amount paid, attendance, nature (participant, speaker, etc.)...

The Jellyfish Data Deep Dive methodology

Our unique Data Deep Dive methodology is structured around workshops to design 3 deliverables :

  • a source data dictionary, 
  • a target data model,
  • and project documentation (master record and flow specification).

This approach allows to design a sustainable model, imagined for specific business use cases and adapted to the quality of the source data.

Implementing the 360° view has given us a single view of our customers. The 360 view has reconciled the data from our various product databases, enabling us to work on a cross- and up-selling strategy

Stéphanie Elorin, Marketing Director at L’Agefi


From an RGPD point of view, the CDP has enabled L'Agefi to automatically manage the anonymisation of inactive users, and to give them control over the manual deletion of active contacts who made an official request for it.

From a business point of view, the 360 view has saved the team a considerable amount of time: instead of more than a week to sort and clean excel lines before each import (with an additional cleaning phase), it now takes 2 clicks to push de-duplicated target into the platform. Allowing the team to devote their time and attention to managing day-to-day and higher value-added tasks.

The 360 view has also made it possible to rebuild the commercial offer. Identifying common customers between the 2 subscriber bases, and cross-referencing subscribers with event participants allows to better define upgrade and cross-selling offers. The direct connection of the Marketing Automation platform to centralised data has made it possible to deploy relational activation and transformation programmes.


time saved comparing customer data


Deduplication rate


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