Pushing performance further with intelligent tech

Pushing performance further with intelligent tech

UGG, a division of Deckers, a worldwide successful lifestyle brand, turned to Jellyfish to push performance further than ever before.


By using the Google Marketing Platform integrated technology stack, we were able to increase sales and spend efficiency by fine-tuning their audience targeting and media buying.


Audience Center 360 was especially instrumental in gathering consumer insights from an expansive dataset and sharing audience data across channels.


And thanks to Studio’s dynamic creative capabilities, we also created eye-catching, innovative ads, targeted to locations with the highest sales potential.

Smart Thinking

By pairing cutting-edge tech with strategic thinking, we’re able to deliver stunning creative at the perfect moment to the perfect audience, with interaction points that capture new data and drive further insight. This is how results transcend expectations.

Technology. Innovation. Performance. Together.


Decrease in CPM with Optimised Targeting


Increase in ROAS with Dynamic Creative Implementation


Increase in reach with DDA Model Implementation


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