Reducing CO₂ emissions in advertising using cross-market and cross channel carbon dashboard

Reducing CO₂ emissions in advertising using cross-market and cross channel carbon dashboard

Learn how Sanofi has started to optimize their digital media campaigns to reduce their media carbon footprint.


Sanofi is a global healthcare giant dedicated to pursuing the wonders of science to improve people's lives. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of its ambitions. The Consumer Healthcare business of Sanofi wanted to measure and reduce the carbon emissions resulting from their digital advertising, so they partnered with Jellyfish and carbon measurement specialist Scope 3 to build a bespoke carbon monitoring and reporting dashboard.

Jellyfish solution

We designed and built a carbon dashboard to report on media and carbon metrics for all of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare’s digital media campaigns across 35+ markets and eight channels including YouTube, Meta, TikTok and programmatic. 

This enabled Sanofi Consumer Healthcare to monitor the share of impressions delivered on Made-For-Advertising websites, which on average emit 26% more CO₂ than other platforms and gain insights into domains with high carbon footprints.

In addition to the dashboard, Jellyfish also provides ongoing support to Sanofi Consumer Healthcare’s in-house teams and media agencies to ensure best practices are followed.


Having access to the insights this carbon dashboard provides makes it easier for Sanofi Consumer Healthcare to optimize against carbon emissions at scale and move towards their ultimate goal of reducing their media carbon footprint.

*Data was generated for the sake of the illustration and doesn’t reflect Sanofi’s actual performances.

35 markets

8 channels

Our partnership with Jellyfish is key in our journey to tackle environmental challenges, as it will help us to measure our carbon footprint and bring insights to reduce it.

Prasad Sridhar, Global Head Media, Digital & Strategic Planning


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