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We give brands and talents a platform to perform

We give brands and talents a platform to perform

We are One Jellyfish. We work together, grow together and succeed as one.

A global and united culture

Professional development through collaborative global projects for amazing brands is not all we have to offer. At Jellyfish, we want every person to feel encouraged and empowered to be their true selves because being able to bring your whole self to the table improves workplace culture and environment. Ultimately, it means we are all able to do our best work.

With a global team that spans a diverse spectrum of cultures across 22 countries, Jellyfish is proud to support our communities. We foster an environment where our people can connect on shared attributes such as gender, race, sexuality or parenthood. We celebrate diversity, learn together and ensure we are able to continually build an inclusive and socially impactful environment where everyone can be an agent of change.

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Career progression at Jellyfish

At Jellyfish, everyone is encouraged to pursue the evolution of their own career, with a dedicated Personal Support Network helping them along the way and being a true platform for them to perform.

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A people-first structure

Jellyfish has evolved the way we help our employees on their career journey, putting the power in each person’s hands to develop their own skills and career. Every employee has a Personal Support Network composed of a People Partner, a Capability Partner and a Mentor, all working to help them succeed. Everyone has the autonomy to make a difference, whatever stage they are at in their career.

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Jellyfish Academy

Join us in our fast-track training program and potentially start your new role in just eight weeks.  


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Why Jellyfish?

Learning and development

Development is key to unleashing your talent. Jellyfish has an in-house team and a vast platform of training courses (via our partnership with LinkedIn Learning) to help you get the most of your journey at Jellyfish.

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A truly global structure

Jellyfish has flexible working hours and offices around the world where we continue to grow our unique culture. Our hybrid working model makes it possible for our team to work from anywhere, while flexible working hours help support a healthy work-life balance.

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Celebrations and special events

Team culture is one of Jellyfish's biggest assets. Join our team in observing diversity dates or just getting together to recognize our uniqueness and culture.

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Company performance bonuses

An appealing salary enhanced by both individual and group bonuses, fostering a spirit of collaboration.

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Well-being at Jellyfish

Jellyfish works to ensure that our people are well taken care of. With the help of 30+ in-house mental health first aiders, family access to the mindfulness app "Calm" and professional support, our people have a safe space to take care of themselves.