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Stay up to date on the latest news

23 May 2024Jellyfish

Jellyfish makes its debut at Google Cloud AI Day Live + Labs, Copenhagen

On 23rd May, Jellyfish proudly joined VELUX on stage at the prestigious Google AI Day in Copenhagen, marking our debut participation in this exciting event.

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Natasha Wallace Headshot on Jellyfish background
15 May 2024Jellyfish

Jellyfish promotes Natasha Wallace to Managing Director for The Netherlands

We are proud to announce the promotion of Natasha Wallace to managing director for the Netherlands for continued growth in the market

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2 May 2024Jellyfish

Jellyfish excels at the Grand Prix de la Data

We are proud to share our recent success at the Grand Prix de la Data, where we secured three notable awards. This achievement reflects our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in the field. Let's explore each accolade and what it signifies for our approach.

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25 Apr 2024Jellyfish

Google Cloud Partner Awards Win

We are thrilled to announce success at the prestigious Google Cloud Partner Awards, where we have been honored for our outstanding contributions to training and customer success. As pioneers in the digital landscape, we are proud to receive this recognition as the partner of the year for the third consecutive year (2022, 2023 and 2024).

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Amazon AdTech Reseller badge on Jellyfish background
15 Apr 2024Zach Gerbrick

Jellyfish Achieves Global Certification as an Amazon DSP Reseller

We are thrilled to announce that Jellyfish has been officially certified as a global AdTech Reseller for Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP). This prestigious badge empowers Jellyfish to offer Amazon DSP services to partners and brands seeking to take control of their AdTech operations.

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12 Apr 2024Hannah Dempsey

Jellyfish unveils next-gen creative structure with Gen AI at its core

This new creative model combines tech-driven ideation with human-generated social creativity, connecting all 400 content and experience experts across the globe, powered by the integration of Pencil Pro. 

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4 Apr 2024Jellyfish

Pencil Pro has been named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2024

Pencil Pro is a Generative AI platform built especially for marketing, allowing its users to generate advertising and social/digital content. As one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2024, Pencil Pro–a member of the BrandTech group, which Jellyfish is also a part of–has revolutionized the way we drive creativity and efficiency for our clients.

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4 Apr 2024Jellyfish

Jellyfish releases first DEI report

For the first time, Jellyfish launches a DEI report. Based on a survey taken with our global talent, it helps us set new KPIs to foster an even more inclusive environment.

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28 Mar 2024Nick Hood

New sessions added: Google Analytics 4 Sunrise Sessions

We’re excited today to launch our new round of GA4 Sunrise Sessions. Each session covers one key topic to provide you with concise and actionable information, delivered within a 30-minute webinar. After each session, there will be time for Q&A and requesting topics for future sessions.

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20 Mar 2024Hannah Dempsey

MOOve over. Oatly Teams Up with Jellyfish after pitch to find the unconventional

Oatly, the pioneering Swedish oat milk brand known for its innovative approach to sustainability and deliciously creamy oat-based products, has unveiled its partnership with Jellyfish, the integrated global digital marketing business, as they continue to revolutionise their approach to content, commerce and community.

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20 Mar 2024Jack Smyth

Understanding Share of Model: a vital metric for progressive marketers

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, the role of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Meta’s Llama 2, and Microsoft’s Copilot becomes increasingly significant. In a recent article with Adweek, Jack Smyth, Chief Solutions Officer at Jellyfish, discusses how these AI-powered chat programs are not only answering billions of search queries each day but also shaping perceptions of brands. 

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19 Mar 2024Jellyfish

Leading the charge: Jellyfish's approach to AI training

As AI reshapes industries, Jellyfish is committed to guiding organizations through this transformative era. However, a recent LinkedIn report highlights a concerning trend: a lack of investment in AI training. Explore how Jellyfish addresses this gap through innovative Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives.

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14 Mar 2024Lindsay Naoussy

Appointment of Romain Delon as VP of Commerce at Jellyfish

Jellyfish is proud to announce the appointment of Romain Delon as VP of Commerce. This appointment follows the acquisition of Acorn-i and the establishment of Jellyfish Commerce, which aims at structuring and strengthening the dedicated Digital Commerce offering within the group.

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14 Mar 2024Sam Yates

Unveiling generative AI's potential

Every technological advancement evokes divergent reactions, often based on immediate perception rather than long-term vision. As generative artificial intelligence (AI) asserts itself in creative industries, are leaders aware of its full potential? Nicola Kemp's article prompts this question, prompting reflection on whether generative AI is viewed merely as a content creation tool rather than a transformative force.

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12 Mar 2024Eb Adeyeri

Navigating social media advertising trends in 2024: insights from Jellyfish

In the rapidly evolving landscape of social media advertising, staying ahead of trends is crucial for brands to maintain their competitive edge. Amidst the dynamic shifts in consumer behavior and technological advancements, Eb Adeyeri, our VP of Paid media, discusses with Dan Meier at VideoWeek invaluable insights and strategies to help brands navigate the complexities of social media advertising in 2024.

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12 Mar 2024Lindsay Naoussy

Elevating YouTube creators: a Jellyfish perspective

Jellyfish is proud to collaborate with YouTube in empowering creators on their platform. Our recent initiative involves the relaunch of the @youtubecreators Instagram account, providing invaluable insights and guidance to YouTube creators.

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1 Mar 2024Jellyfish

Exclusive interview with Claire Leon, CEO of Acorn-i, on the merger with Jellyfish : a new chapter for digital advertising

In this exclusive interview, Claire Leon, co-founder of Acorn-i, shares her insights on the recent merger with Jellyfish and what it means for the future of digital advertising in the retail sector.

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Walmart Connect Partner Logo on Jellyfish blue background
15 Feb 2024Ross Caveille

Jellyfish is now a member of the Walmart Connect Partner Network

Jellyfish is pleased to announce its now part of the Walmart Connect Partner Network, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to providing cutting-edge e-commerce advertising solutions.

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26 Jan 2024Alistair Parrington

Jellyfish Vision 2024: the evolution of video games

2024 promises to be an innovative year in the realm of video games, and Jellyfish is at the forefront of this digital evolution. Alistair Parrington, our Chief Solutions Officer, Creative Social, shares his insights into upcoming trends and innovations in a recent article published on TechRound.

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25 Jan 2024

UGG's Strategic move on Snapchat yields an impressive 89% ROAS boost

Discover the latest UGG success story with Snapchat.

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25 Jan 2024Lindsay Naoussy

Jellyfish and Sanofi innovate together to measure digital carbon footprint

Jellyfish, a global leader in digital marketing within the Brandtech group, has announced its collaboration with Sanofi, a global healthcare giant, for an innovative initiative aimed at measuring and reducing Sanofi's digital carbon footprint.

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16 Jan 2024Lindsay Naoussy

Supercharge Your Amazon Strategy: Introducing AMC Dashboards by J+ Commerce

Unleash the power of data and measurement with our cutting-edge Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) dashboards in our J+Commerce Suite. 

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3 Jan 2024Lindsay Naoussy

Jellyfish and eBay: an exceptional digital collaboration

We are delighted to share our enthusiasm for our close collaboration with the online shopping giant, eBay. At Jellyfish, we have been actively involved in supporting eBay, particularly in the development of their seasonal offers, where creativity and festivities meet.

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8 Dec 2023

The campaign Netflix / Lupin wins the gold at the Epica Awards

We’re proud to announce we have won gold in Print Craft with The Missing Jewels campaign for Netflix/ Lupin at the Epica Awards, the creativity festival judged by the top-notch advertising journalists.

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1 Sep 2023Hannah Dempsey

We've scooped four accolades at the Google Cloud Partner awards

We're Google Cloud's Training Partner of the year across EMEA and North America, and two of our Trainers are awarded Trainer of the Year across the same regions.

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18 Aug 2023Di Wu

We're now an MMM (Marketing Mix Modelling) Partner for Meta

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9 Aug 2023Brett Cella

We're a Snap Conversions API Partner

As the flag bearer of server-side-tagging, we've become a Snap Conversions API partner, as the tech company continues to remain agile around privacy, performance, and measurement for its advertisers.

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14 Jul 2023

See the bigger opportunity: we need more radical sustainable behaviours

In the coming years, brands and marketers will have to reshape the influence they are having on our consumerist culture and better connect to the reality of our climate predicament, writes Jellyfish’s VP of sustainability.

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DACH Partner Awards 2023
29 Jun 2023Yuveshka Reddy

Jellyfish successfully promoted HOKA and secured third place at Google DACH GMP Partner Awards

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15 Jun 2023Hannah Dempsey

Introducing Pencil and Pencil Pro, to drive marketing performance through GenAI

This exciting new addition to The Brandtech Group adds Pencil Pro to our suite of products. It's a generative AI product tailored specifically for the needs of global brands, which revolutionizes the production of creative work

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The new Jellyfish board at the Shard. From L-R Nick Emery, Dawn Dickie, David Jones, Rob Pierre and Emma Cookson.
1 Jun 2023Hannah Dempsey

We're part of The Brandtech Group

We’re proud to announce that we’re officially part of The Brandtech Group

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10 May 2023Yuveshka Reddy

Jellyfish increases certification across Google’s Paid Media Platforms in APAC

Jellyfish increases certification across Google’s Paid Media Platforms: DV360, SA360, and CM360 in APAC

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Hands holding a phone with the Be real app on it.
9 May 2023

BeReal says it doesn’t want ads… But should it?

eReal is changing; will it remain unpolished and ad-free or will it shift towards a more commercial framework now that it's courting influencers? Our VP Paid Social and Platform PartnershipsEb Adeyeri spoke with The Media Leader.

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A white iphone with the Snap logo on the screen on a plain yellow background
24 Mar 2023

Jellyfish becomes a Snapchat Strategic Data Partner

Jellyfish has become a Snap Strategic Data Partner, as the tech company continues to remain agile around privacy, performance and measurement for its advertisers.

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Phone on the TikTok app - Jellyfish news
9 Mar 2023

TikTok Is Getting Serious About Search; A Complex Fracture, But Not The Bad Kind

Gen Z use Tiktok for search just as much as they use Google. EVP of Paid Social Shamsul Chowdhury spoke to AdExchanger about how marketers can learn from - and capitalize on - this new realm of search.

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A sunrise coming up behind hills into a blue sky. The text reads Ad Net Zero proud supporter, UK's advertising response to the climate emergency
20 Feb 2023Hannah Dempsey

We're part of Ad Net Zero

As part of our commitment to sustainable practices, we’re thrilled to announce our membership to Ad Net Zero, a UK-based initiative aimed at creating a more sustainable future for advertising.

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24 Nov 2022Carol-Ann Motard

Hackathon: working together to improve lives at Jellyfish

Our Jellyfish Technology Solutions team took part in an internal hackathon, where the aim was to“Build anything which can help Jellyfish and its employees have a positive impact”– with a focus on Environmental Impact and Measurement, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Personal Development and Mental Health tools.

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18 Jul 2022

We’ve opened a new office in Dublin

The Irish office is near some of our biggest partners and their European headquarters, as well as existing Jellyfish clients and their Irish presence.

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6 Jun 2022Jellyfish

Jellyfish Academy 17 is on!

Starting a new semester in July, there will be vacancies open for South Africa, Mexico, Spain, UK and France – learn how to apply

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Jellyfish announces New hubs to ensure greater collaboration across EMEA
11 Nov 2021Jellyfish

New hubs to ensure greater collaboration across EMEA

To fuel greater success through shared knowledge, we’re creating new hubs across our EMEA markets

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20 Oct 2021

Jellyfish becomes one of the first Training Partners of Google Cloud Center of Excellence in Qatar

Jellyfish has been selected to train businesses in cloud skills to address digital transformation challenge

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Jellyfish Connect
1 Sep 2021Patrick Knight

Jellyfish Connect

Supporting magazine and newspaper publishers worldwide

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21 Jul 2021

Jellyfish Wins 2020 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year For Training Award

Jellyfish is recognized as the leading global training partner for Google Cloud Specializations.

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30 Jun 2021Jellyfish

We’re preparing the world for technology, data and privacy updates through technology solutions

We’re excited to announce the launch of Jellyfish Technology Solutions, a dedicated team of 150 engineers and product teams, to drive innovation and future-proof our global offering.

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20 Apr 2021

HOKA and Jellyfish create Twitter campaign to celebrate nurses

Read about the amazing campaign we did with HOKA to celebrate nurses, published as a Twitter case study.

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23 Feb 2021

Jellyfish acquires 5 companies, fueling global expansion with new digital capabilities

Jellyfish Expands Global Footprint with Data and Analytics Capabilities Enhanced with New Offerings in E-Commerce, Content Creation, Creative and Localization

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27 Jan 2021

San Pancho becomes Jellyfish Mexico

After being acquired in September, the Mexican consultancy company assumes the Jellyfish name.

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20 Jan 2021Jellyfish

Jellyfish hires Tom Roach as Vice President of Brand Planning

With more than 20 years experience in the best communications agencies, Tom joins a growing team of brand and communications strategists as VP of Brand Planning.

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3 Dec 2020Jellyfish

Jellyfish integrates Amazon specialist Seelk

Jellyfish strengthens its service offering on Amazon by integrating and deploying Seelk’s technological and operational solutions in its 35 global offices

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22 Sep 2020Jellyfish

We’re Emmy winners

This prestigious award is going to look amazing in our trophy cabinet.

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Phone with Amazon logo
2 Sep 2020Julie Cazaux

Amazon: Price gouging complaints arise amid coronavirus pandemic

Amazon is subject to scrutiny for the way some users have been turning its marketplaces into a massive price gouging playground.

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31 Jul 2020

Social Life earns Emmy nomination for work on Netflix series, Big Mouth

 From Instagram Stories to Hollywood Awards Ceremonies, we’re going through changes.

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Jellyfish expands Google Cloud Training offering to the United States & Canada
29 Jan 2020Jellyfish

Jellyfish expands Google Cloud Training offering to the United States & Canada

We’re excited to announce that we have been approved by Google as an Authorized Training Partner for Google Cloud in the United States & Canada.

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23 Jan 2020Jellyfish

Tradelab international offices rebrand to become part of Jellyfish

Data-driven specialist Tradelab will adopt the Jellyfish brand and begin trading as Jellyfish in Italy, Spain, Germany, and Brazil.

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Joining forces with Facebook for greater education
16 Jan 2020

Joining forces with Facebook for greater education

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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16 Dec 2019

Jellyfish acquires Social Life amid continued expansion

Jellyfish continues global expansion and acquires award-winning creative agency, Social Life.

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