Unveiling generative AI's potential

Sam Yates

Chief Solutions Officer, CSM and Creative Technology at Jellyfish

Every technological advancement evokes divergent reactions, often based on immediate perception rather than long-term vision. As generative artificial intelligence (AI) asserts itself in creative industries, are leaders aware of its full potential? Nicola Kemp's article prompts this question, prompting reflection on whether generative AI is viewed merely as a content creation tool rather than a transformative force.


Sam Yates, Chief Solutions Officer at Jellyfish, believes leaders are indeed underestimating generative AI's impact. He notes a prevailing perception of AI solely as a content creation or data processing tool, overlooking its broader capabilities. Jellyfish assists clients in harnessing AI to enhance productivity, performance, and innovation.

Reflection on human reactions to technology

Futurist Roy Amara's words about our tendency to underestimate technology's long-term impact are insightful : while society grapples with social media's unintended consequences, generative AI's potential remains overshadowed, seen more as a job threat than an opportunity for innovation.

Jellyfish's approach

Jellyfish positions itself as an expert in unlocking generative AI's potential. With a conversational approach, it aims to raise awareness among clients about AI's transformative power and how it can drive growth and success. Learn more by clicking here.

It is crucial for leaders to know that Generative AI's potential should not be underestimated. Through proactive engagement with partners like Jellyfish, businesses can leverage AI to drive innovation and stay ahead in an ever-changing landscape.