Jellyfish best success stories - Winning Emmy award and much more

What being a partner looks like

This is data. This is technology. This is creativity. And when it all comes together seamlessly, this is what happens.

Driving brand awareness through tactical talent content

Discover how Amazon Fashion became the go-to destination in 2023 for summer and travel gear for Millenials and Gen Z audiences.

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Measuring incrementality to manage Meta campaigns

Discover how Yves Rocher embraced incrementality in order to take the right decisions while respecting new privacy standards.

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“Behind our favourite hashtags, another reality”

Discover the concept behind UNHCR’s latest campaign in France, devised by Jellyfish.

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Boosting brand awareness for new retail brand through highly engaging paid social strategy

Luxury brand Harrods launched a new brand of beauty stores across the UK called H beauty and turned to Jellyfish to deliver a high performing social strategy to drive awareness and in-store visits

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Yanolja logo

Yanolja enhances campaign efficiencies using predictive modeling in GA4

Discover how the leading Korean travel super app optimized the efficiency of their advertising budget.

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Greenpeace logo

Creative campaign to combat food insecurity

Greenpeace has launched the first start-up in France delivering meals that are disgusting - for both your health and the planet.

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Transforming sex education through Emmy award-winning creative storytelling

The Big Mouth Guide to Life approaches complicated issues such as consent, mental health and toxic masculinity.

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Pushing performance further with intelligent tech

UGG, a division of Deckers, a worldwide successful lifestyle brand, turned to Jellyfish to push performance further than ever before.

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Changing perceptions with cohesive thinking

To build stronger positioning in the cooking and food category, Willowton has partnered with Jellyfish on a full rebrand, website build and a kick-off creative campaign.

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Preparing for the future with smart thinking

Jellyfish combined razor-sharp thinking with ultra-efficient workflows to orchestrate an intelligent digital strategy and execution plan that delivers perfect performance.

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Transforming experiences with customized technology

We used intelligent tech, as well as insights into education, integration and direction, to drive performance far into the future.

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Building brand through award-winning digital transformation

To engage audiences, Jellyfish delivered cutting-edge digital and brilliantly effective creative, supported by intelligent practices and smart workflows.

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Reacting to market opportunities through Jellyfish proprietary technology

Strengthened brand consistency, and enabled agile responses to diverse advertising opportunities across 17 global markets.

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Launching a new global seed brand across Europe

Creating an emotionally resonant creative platform and a captivating tagline while engaging distributors and farmers.

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Global campaign localization and cultural adaptation for YouTube

By streamlining the process and leveraging integrated localization, YouTube EMEA and Jellyfish triumphe over a major localization hurdle.

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