More growth, less media spend with One Search strategy

One Search strategy drives 19% growth across 38 markets with 14% less budget

Business challenge

Search marketing today is anything but easy. Soaring media costs, rapidly evolving consumer behavior, and fragmented data make it difficult to remain competitive, even for the most dynamic brands. PPC and SEO teams are typically divided, reporting to different departments with separate KPIs, targets, tactics and measurement tools - preventing them from truly maximizing the potential of search marketing.

Impacted by economic uncertainty, low consumer confidence, poor spending ability and rising costs, premier jewellery and accessories brand Swarovski partnered with global digital marketing company Jellyfish, to embark on a journey with the shared vision that PPC and SEO are stronger together to deliver more growth for brand with significantly less budget. 

Jellyfish solution

To harness the combined power of PPC and SEO, Jellyfish worked closely with Swarovski’s search, data and analytics team to build an overarching One Search strategy using proprietary technology to extract and organize paid and organic data - uniquely ‘coupling’ the information at category, campaign, landing-page or keyword level to unearth opportunities for growth. 
The strategy was built around a combination of Technology, Talent and Process, and enabled Jellyfish and Swarovski to move away from siloed search delivery to an integrated One Search model.

Swarovski Jellyfish Case Study_J+Search Screenshots


Jellyfish’s proprietary technology, J+Search, extracted data from Google Search Ads, Analytics, Search Console and Google Trends to inform and measure collective search activities and counteract the loss of data visibility seen at industry level, due to changes in consent and privacy.

J+Search enabled the data to be organized in two specific ways: 
- Uniquely ‘coupling’ paid and organic information and reconciling search term data at a keyword, landing-page, campaign or category level - highlighting opportunities for incremental growth, efficiency or testing across search. 
- Monitoring, with greater granularity, the correlation between PPC and SEO; giving real views of cause and consequence.


A combination of paid search specialists, SEO experts and data planners brought together disparate channels, tactics, technologies and data sets to form a unified roadmap. Domain experts from both Jellyfish and Swarovski had the persistence to ask challenging questions and perseverance in finding solutions for complex problems.


Jellyfish and Swarovski redefined the delivery model to create an integrated ‘always-on’ One Search model, unifying cross-specialism talent and technology that enabled them to identify, prioritize and act upon opportunities/challenges:

Daily One Search: automated drills to alert Unified Search teams to emerging opportunities or urgent performance threats.

Weekly One Search: weekly cross-channel insight and keyword sharing to incorporate unified thinking into search roadmaps, short-term planning and weekly delivery.

Monthly One Search: unified tooling to gather/organize big data, surface opportunities and funnel high-priority actions into mid-long term account optimizations.

Quarterly One Search: unified testing roadmap to:

  • Monitor incremental impact and/or contribution of search types (brand, brand modified, non-brand), search formats, algorithmic updates, technology adoption (PMax) and more. 
  • Use the insights to inform major iterations to bidding strategies, budget allocations, search reporting, and long-term scenario forecasting against multiple time windows.

Flagship initiatives that propelled One Search performance:

  1. Search incrementality experiments, in close collaboration with Swarovski's Data & Analytics team: to understand the value and optimal investment for SEA, SEO, brand, non-brand, search technology and more.
  2. Optimizing the onsite content strategy, using One Search performance insights: to make Swarovski’s full-funnel content strategy work harder against performance objectives.
  3. Perfecting product launches and peak moments through search: to maximize Swarovski’s biggest brand moments.
  4. Moving to a dynamic investment model: to accelerate new customer acquisition.

More revenue, lower media spend

Within 18 months, Jellyfish and Swarovski transformed their global search performance across 38 markets, driving more revenue, with a lower media spend, achieving a significantly higher search ROI. 


YoY reduction in paid media investment


YoY incremental growth


YoY growth in website traffic


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