Social Life earns Emmy nomination for work on Netflix series, Big Mouth

Social Life (part of the Jellyfish Group) won the nomination for their Guide To Life creative, a series of Instagram Stories aimed at teenagers, using the Big Mouth brand and narrative elements to offer advice and emotional support to those going through puberty.

Covering such topics as periods, consent, toxic masculinity and mental health, the Guide To Life paired Social Life’s passion for storytelling with some of the more awkward themes of Big Mouth, retaining the show’s wit, charm and humor in the process. 

This intricate balancing act between style and substance has been rightly rewarded with a nomination for Outstanding Derivative Interactive Program from the Television Academy Awards, or Emmys, marking the first of what we hope are many such nominations (and wins!) for Social Life.

Check out some of the work in this wrap up video.

Congratulations to the team!

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