Elevating YouTube creators: a Jellyfish perspective

Lindsay Naoussy

Marketing Executive

Jellyfish is proud to collaborate with YouTube in empowering creators on their platform. Our recent initiative involves the relaunch of the @youtubecreators Instagram account, providing invaluable insights and guidance to YouTube creators.

Empowering YouTube creators

YouTube creators are the lifeblood of the platform, driving innovation and creativity. Through the @youtubecreators Instagram account, Jellyfish aims to amplify their voices and support their journey. Our team of experts has curated a launch video featuring influencers sharing their experiences and offering advice on various aspects of content creation.

Insightful content for creators

The launch video showcases influencers sharing personal anecdotes and valuable advice, going from tricks and how-tos, to news and inspiration. Through initiatives like @youtubecreators, we strive to provide valuable insights and support to creators, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Collaborating with YouTube

Our collaboration with YouTube underscores our commitment to supporting creators at every stage of their journey. By providing platform-first knowledge and advice through the @youtubecreators Instagram account, Jellyfish aims to equip creators with the tools they need to succeed in the digital landscape.

As an advocate of innovation and creativity, Jellyfish is dedicated to empowering YouTube creators worldwide. Join us in celebrating the creativity and ingenuity of YouTube creators as we continue to shape the future of digital content together.