Jellyfish and Sanofi innovate together to measure digital carbon footprint

Lindsay Naoussy

Marketing Executive

A sustainable partnership to reduce CO₂ emissions in paid digital media

Jellyfish, a global leader in digital marketing within the Brandtech group, has announced its collaboration with Sanofi, a global healthcare giant, for an innovative initiative aimed at measuring and reducing Sanofi's digital carbon footprint.

A revolutionary tool powered by Scope3

This collaboration gives rise to a carbon measurement tool powered by Scope3's supply chain emissions data expertise. Covering eight channels in 35 countries, the tool encompasses all brands within Sanofi's Consumer Healthcare division.

With successful tests conducted in early 2023, Sanofi has decided to expand its carbon measurement and reduction efforts by partnering with Jellyfish. Céline Craipeau, VP Sustainability at Jellyfish, expresses pride in this collaboration, emphasizing the ambition to design a tool for analyzing global carbon emissions attributed to paid media.

Sanofi's commitment to sustainability

Prasad Sridhar, Global Head of Media, Digital & Strategic Planning at Sanofi, states that this initiative is crucial in line with Sanofi's commitment to sustainability. He highlights the importance of measuring the current carbon footprint to aid in its reduction, with the goal of achieving net-zero advertising by 2030.

Building a sustainable future with Jellyfish

Benjamin Pipat, Chief Solutions Officer, Technology at Jellyfish, adds that carbon reduction requires relevant information for decision-makers, and this partnership will contribute to building a global solution for carbon measurement, reporting, and reduction recommendations.

Jellyfish, as a company, is committed to promoting sustainability within its operations and across the entire industry, extending these commitments to all its clients.

About Sanofi:

Sanofi is a global innovative healthcare company dedicated to improving people's lives. Present in approximately 100 countries, Sanofi's team works to make the impossible possible by offering potentially revolutionary treatment options and life-saving vaccine protection. Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of its ambitions.

About Scope3:

Scope3's mission is to decarbonize media and advertising. Using its emissions model developed from an open-source methodology, Scope3 facilitates the visualization, measurement, and reduction of carbon emissions for all players in the advertising ecosystem.