Jellyfish excels at the Grand Prix de la Data



Jellyfish excels at the Grand Prix de la Data

We are proud to share our recent success at the Grand Prix de la Data, where we secured three notable awards. This achievement reflects our ongoing dedication to innovation and excellence in the field. Let's explore each accolade and what it signifies for our approach.

Winning Gold in ‘Measurement and Performance’

In the category of Measurement and Performance, Jellyfish received the gold award for our A/B test cookieless and universal method. This approach effectively assessed the impact of the Yves Rocher Hydra campaign in collaboration with Meta, demonstrating our commitment to delivering measurable outcomes.

Securing Gold in ‘Segmented TV’

Our expertise in Segmented TV strategy was recognized with another gold medal. Collaborating with Prisma Media, CANAL+ BRAND SOLUTIONS, and Yves Rocher, we implemented an omnichannel targeting strategy enriched with publisher data. This approach was lauded for its ability to effectively reach and engage audiences.

Earning Silver in ‘Activation and Targeting’

Additionally, Jellyfish received the silver medal in the Activation and Targeting category. Through the utilization of generative AI and custom bidding on DV360, our partnership with Club Med enhanced media delivery quality, showcasing our commitment to precision and effectiveness.


We extend our thanks to INfluencia, Minted, and PRACHE MEDIA EVENT for their support and recognition.

These awards underscore Jellyfish's ongoing efforts to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results for our clients. As leaders in the digital landscape, we remain committed to pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence. Stay tuned for more impactful initiatives from Jellyfish as we continue to navigate the data-driven world.