Jellyfish increases certification across Google’s Paid Media Platforms in APAC

Yuveshka Reddy

Marketing Manager

As part of our global vision to give brands a platform to perform and in our continued efforts to grow our Paid Media capabilities, the second half of 2022 was a dynamic time as our APAC teams have achieved a raft of Google certifications. The certifications include Google products such as Display & Video 360 (DV360), Search Ads 360 (SA360) and Campaign Manager 360 (CM360). This further bolsters our status as Google's Enterprise Partner with amazing outcomes of what the teams have delivered:

  • 21 project samples built which include advanced features such as Value-Base Bidding, Dynamic Rich Media Creatives, DV360 Custom Bidding and Smart Shopping to name a few.
  • 10 new Google badges obtained in APAC (four more to go in Q1 2023 with almost everything completed, to be submitted early 2023).
  • Japan fully certified across DV360/SA360/CM360
  • South Korea fully certified across DV360/SA360/CM360 
  • Australia certified across DV360/CM360 and SA360
  • Singapore certified across DV360/CM360, SA360 will be completed later in 2023
  • India certified across DV360/CM360, SA360 will be completed later in 2023

Achieving new certifications as a reseller partner in Southeast Asia will allow us to offer advertisers a menu of services that enhances the value they can get out of the Google Marketing Platform. This unlocks the potential of a connected solution offered by the GMP to deliver against business outcomes our clients are measured on.

Bob Du, Managing Director, Singapore

Despite the complexity of the process, and the new requirements (minimum of five practitioners by capability, additional advanced use cases), the team managed to strengthen our partnership with Google to increase our footprint and grow in the APAC region. The resulting benefits of this strengthened partnership are inclusive of: 

  • Securing our current self-service revenues through DV/CM/SA licensing
  • Continuing to build a strong relationship with Google and start paid media partnership in some markets
  • Build a pipeline for self/managed service clients in APAC

Jellyfish is the only company in the Korean market to maintain its full GMP stack sales partner status in both Advertising and Analytics sectors, supporting Digital Transformation and Data-Driven Marketing of various Korean global brands under privacy-safe governance. From data collection and analysis to marketing strategy planning with data and successful campaign operation leveraging that data, we support the overall digital marketing phase so that the Brand can Perform.

Vincent Song, Managing Director, Greater China and Korea

Kevin Geffray, VP, Paid Media, would like to applaud the amazing work that has been done by the Paid Search and Programmatic team in APAC, with a special mention to the different market leaders:

Special mention to the task force composed of Ross Mitchell, Customer Success Director and Kelly Harris, Growth Operations Manager for supporting this initiative.

We have obtained sales partner certification across DV/CM/SA in many markets. As we are growing, we would like our clients and potential clients in those markets to know that we are present and start to build the Paid Media pipeline. Some of our key achievements: 

  • South Korea - Sales partner across all paid media platforms CM360/DV360/SA360 
  • Australia - Sales partner across all paid media platforms CM360/DV360/SA360
  • Singapore - Sales partner across CM360/DV360 (SA360 soon)
  • India - Sales partner on DV360
  • Japan - Sales partner across all paid media platforms CM360/DV360/SA360

Having full stack sales partner status for Australia means that we are able to connect our world-class data collection and analytics solutions design ability into media activation to enable our clients to do tremendously advanced performance marketing to elevate their digital to the next level .

Damion Brown, Managing Director, Australia