3 Effective strategies to unlock retail media performance with Amazon Marketing Cloud

Brooke Truskey

Senior E-Retail Consultant

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, mastering the art of retail media is paramount for brands seeking to thrive in the competitive market. Understanding how to leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is key to drive performance and enhance audience engagement. Our experts are here to share three effective strategies to leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud for better results. 

What is Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)?

Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an analytics platform used to analyze data and create targeted audience segments. A holistic measurement tool driven by various data sources to help improve performance and enhance experiences.

1. Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics

As consumer behavior continues to evolve, understanding the dynamics of media and commerce platforms is crucial. While media platforms serve as hubs for social interactions and entertainment, commerce platforms are emerging as key destinations for brand discovery and product purchases. AMC bridges the gap between these platforms, offering brands unparalleled opportunities to assess, optimize, and streamline their marketing efforts.

Expert Tip: Use Amazon Marketing Cloud to perform detailed path-to-purchase analyses. Understand what drives conversions for different customer segments and tailor your messaging and product placements accordingly.

2. Optimize Your Ad Targeting with data-driven insights

AMC allows advertisers to segment audiences with a more precise targeting, using insights from various data sources. This holistic approach ensures that your ads reach the most relevant audiences, and significantly improve ad spend efficiency.

Expert Tip: Implement ongoing optimizations to refine your audience segments in AMC based on campaign performance data. Testing and learning from different targeting criteria will help you uncover the most responsive audience segments.

3. Leverage cross-channel insights to enhance your strategy

AMC's cross-channel insights give brands a holistic view of their marketing performance across different platforms. By understanding how consumers interact with your brand both on and off Amazon, you can create a cohesive marketing strategy that delivers a consistent message and drives better outcomes.

Expert Tip: Integrate AMC data with your marketing data from other channels to get a holistic view of consumer behavior. Use these insights to define a seamless consumer experience that improves engagement and drives conversion.

In Summary

Amazon Marketing Cloud is a valuable resource for brands to drive operational efficiency, enhance cross-channel measurement, and facilitate audience segmentation. Understanding how to effectively leverage AMC is the key to success. At Jellyfish, we seamlessly integrate AMC data into our proprietary technologies, enabling real-time access to key insights and performance metrics. As an Advanced Partner of Amazon's partner network, Jellyfish is at the forefront of AMC innovation, offering clients unparalleled access to exclusive features and insights. 

As an Advanced Partner of Amazon's partner network, Jellyfish is at the forefront of AMC innovation, offering clients unparalleled access to exclusive features and insights.

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