Increasing ROI across all your marketing channels, with quality Ecommerce Content

Ed Bussey

CSO, Content

In a global market, your competition is everywhere – but Ecommerce Content can still give you the edge. Ecommerce Content includes critical product information (in the form of product and category descriptions, as well as buying guides) that can convert ambivalent browsers into confident buyers, by enabling informed decisions at the penultimate stage of the purchase journey. It offers quantifiable benefits such as improved on-site conversions, return rates, and basket sizes.

Ecommerce Content has become more vital than ever to the digital experience you offer consumers – indeed, in many cases, it provides the only meaningful link shoppers will have with your products.

Fuelling your SEO

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SEO experts have observed some volatile ranking changes in search habits in recent months, highlighting the importance of a regularly updated, optimised SEO approach. Top-notch technical SEO is clearly an important start – but it still has its limitations. Even the best SEO agencies need content (in extremely high volumes) to support their activities. This encompasses everything from quality category descriptions (complete with quality metadata) to attract high volumes of traffic, interesting user guides that can build brand awareness and demonstrate authority, and detailed and unique product descriptions for attracting long-tail searches with high purchase intent.

Well-crafted, unique content will blow generic, duplicated listings out of the water every time, seizing pole position in SERPs, particularly if optimised for Google Q&A and featured snippets.

This content also has a tangible impact on conversion rates: thanks to SEO-optimised and customer-centric product descriptions, luxury lifestyle group Aspinal achieved a 34% uplift in conversions for ‘new in’ and legacy leather goods pages and a 14 increase in organic traffic – boosting its organic product revenue by 13%.

Improving the ROI of your paid search

Clever and concise ad copy will pay for itself by generating increased click-throughs to your site. However augmented Ecommerce Content throughout your website also improves the quality score Google assigns to you which lowers the CPC (Cost Per Click) by an average of 14% on your paid search campaigns, making them a more cost-effective source of new traffic.  By improving the Ecommerce Content on your landing pages and prioritising clarity and relevance, you can further increase the return on your paid search investment, or reduce your PPC spend considerably.

Basing your CRM marketing on value, not discounts

Providing high-quality content on your site – such as how-to guides or editorials on the latest trends – is a good way to target buyer personas directly. You can keep your customers invested and interested by surprising or delighting them with some of your latest offerings and innovations, rather than by relying on a steady stream of promotions or discounts. By leading consumers to this content via targeted email campaigns, you can help to increase traffic and boost your value in the eyes of the customer –but with content, rather than costly price cuts.

At a time when it is harder to attract new customers (especially if previously reliant on footfall) upping the emphasis on CRM marketing may well be a way of restoring revenue. Research suggests that the average checkout abandonment rate is as high as 67.4%, so there may well be rich pickings here – if shoppers can be persuaded by high-quality content to come back and take another look.

Building relationships through content marketing

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There are plenty of clever ways and means of attracting and engaging customers, even without relying on footfall. Content provides a unique opportunity to approach both new and existing shoppers – including those who may be familiar with your products, but who are less familiar with buying them online. This may take the form of styling advice, such as Habitat’s Inspiration series, or content that replicates the advice of the beauty counter, such as Avon’s beauty blog.

Avon’s detailed guides help nudge hesitant shoppers towards their purchase, covering evergreen topics such as ‘5 Beauty Trends to Love in 2020’ or how to ‘Find the best lipstick for you.’ This sort of high-quality content is fast becoming a tried-and-tested strategy for gaining visitor traffic and building loyalty, helping to build lasting new relationships with customers – online.

Creating content that has your advertisers back

Whether you are using Above the Line or Below the Line advertising, even the most creative hero campaigns will fall flat if not backed up by quality on-site content to follow through on consumer expectations. The aim of advertising is often awareness and brand building, but the ultimate goal is always increased sales – which won’t happen if the consumer is let down when they visit your website. This is particularly important at a time when your website may be the primary vehicle your customers have to engage with your brand

Managing footfall and improving Click & Collect performance

Bricks and mortar stores will be grappling with a host of complex logistical challenges for many months to come, whether choreographing their socially distanced footfall or reserving spaces in store for customers with high buying intent. Many have been investing heavily in Click & Collect and processes to reserve a slot (plus products) in advance – enabling customers to actually see a product in person before confirming a purchase decision. If the consideration stage of a purchase journey is taking place online, there is a real need for compelling content. In practical terms, this means aspirational and helpful content that answers all the important questions, highlights the product benefits, and really encourages a consumer to proceed to the checkout and reserve that slot

Make your marketing count

When it comes to boosting traffic, driving conversions, or generating improved ROI on your marketing spend, Ecommerce Content is the one tool that can truly sort the wheat from the online chaff. This is the content that will coax customers to your site -time and again. Once they have arrived, whether, through search or other marketing activities, it is eCommerce Content that will encourage them to buy, with compelling, persuasive and useful information. By bringing your brand identity and product ranges to life, Ecommerce Content has the potential to completely transform your marketing output – and your bottom line.

For more information on how to optimise your eCommerce Content and achieve this optimisation at scale, please get in touch. Alternatively, please request a complimentary audit of your ecommerce content.