Webinar: Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud

Luis Pedro Martinez

VP Partnerships

Watch our latest webinar: Leveraging Amazon Marketing Cloud: Maximize your insights and measure the success of your holiday campaigns on Amazon. Seize the opportunity to act on your brand insights for Q4 via Amazon Marketing Cloud, gaining a deep understanding of your primary campaign performance, audience metrics, and effective strategies for optimizing in 2024!

The holiday season is a key business period for most brands. Strong advertising strategies are fundamental and a sure way to build long-lasting momentum for your brand. But they can often prove expensive. Therefore, measurement of your campaigns is essential to success. To truly understand how your holiday strategy is performing, you need the right data, and the right technology.

Jellyfish & Acorn-i are joining forces for this 30-minute webinar in partnership with Amazon Ads. Watch the replay on the above video!

Experts and Panelists:

  • Bobbie-Jean Shaw, Senior AdTech Consultant at Amazon Ads
  • Ellie Lathrope, Commercial Manager at Acorn-i
  • Larry Hannon, Senior Director Retail Media at Jellyfish
  • Luis Pedro Martinez, VP Partnerships EMEA at Jellyfish

Get key insights on:

  • Q4 learnings: How DSP impacted campaign performance
  • Why measurement is important? Using Amazon Marketing Cloud to better understand how to spend your budget to gain performance
  • Key takeaways to get you started straight away during this strategic period and how to prepare for next year.

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