Placing sustainability at the heart of our digital marketing strategy

Céline Craipeau

VP Sustainability

There is no doubt the world is facing a crisis. Yet amidst the challenges, there’s an opportunity for meaningful change. At Jellyfish, beyond just reducing our carbon footprint, we recognize the urgent need to reassess our practices, from the content we produce to how we allocate our resources, to strive for a more sustainable future. 

Disrupting the delivery of digital marketing to make it a force for good

That's why we're embarking on a journey of transformation, committed to holding ourselves accountable every step of the way. But we're not keeping our progress to ourselves, we're sharing our learnings openly, so everyone in the industry – our clients, partners and competitors – can build on it to accelerate their own transition. Because we know that this is a battle we can only win if we all work together.

In our first Annual Sustainability Report, we share our progress and roadmap for the year ahead, reflecting our collaborative approach. 

Training all our teams to work more sustainably

Achieving such transformation requires both accountability and upskilling, which is why we’ve launched an ambitious training program for our teams. Last year alone, nearly 900 team members underwent training on Sustainability in Digital Marketing 101, with more learning initiatives being deployed in 2024. And that’s just the start.

Reducing carbon emissions across our own operations

Jellyfish operates across 42 offices worldwide and has almost 2,000 employees from over 20 countries. As we continue evolving, we want to make sure we make our operations the cleanest possible and we are starting by measuring and reducing our global carbon footprint.

Our 2023 carbon footprint

Carbon reduction objective: -10% on annual carbon emissions in 2024 vs. 2023

Key actions we are taking (non-exhaustive) 

Business trips: new policy in place since Q4 2023 requiring our teams to limit air travel to the bare minimum and to switch to train whenever possible.

Electricity: our electricity contract in Paris (our biggest office) was switched to 100% renewable energy.

IT Purchases: no new device will be purchased if there are functioning and non attributed devices available.

By the end of the year, we will set Science-based targets for near term and long term carbon reduction. Those targets will be audited by the SBTi at the beginning of 2025. 

How Jellyfish integrates Sustainability into our work

Paid Media

What’s at stake: Digital media-buying is by far the most carbon-intense activity we have at Jellyfish. That is why we have been working on developing and rolling out carbon measurement and reduction solutions since 2022.

Our ambition: By 2030, we want to deliver and monitor a carbon budget for all media buying campaigns for Tier 1 clients, which requires us to have enabled carbon measurement at scale and to have proof-tested carbon reduction solutions on multiple media channels.

Recent milestones

  • Scope 3 partnership signed in Q2 2023.
  • First high-scale carbon measurement project started in collaboration with Sanofi.
  • Development of four new products:
    Instant Carbon - all our programmatic and paid social clients can get access to the carbon footprint of their campaign for free.
  • Carbon Dashboard - ongoing and granular monitoring of carbon emissions.
  • Carbon Performance Assessment - one off analysis of carbon performances to define carbon reduction strategy.
  • J+Bidding for Climate - carbon reduction and performance improvement algorithm for DV360 (Google Marketing Platform).

Next steps

  • Expand roll-out of carbon measurement and reduction products
  • Develop media planning solution.

Creative & Experience

What’s at stake: Through the content they create, brands have a great influence on people’s lives and aspirations. We want to help brands use this power in the service of sustainability which implies reflecting both on the imaginations they feed and improving the ways this content is produced. 

Our ambition: A great share of the content we create encourages sustainable behaviors and all our ad production has been sustainably designed to generate minimum carbon emissions. 

Recent milestones:

  • 100% of our ad production team trained on AdGreen.
  • 100% of our French UX/UI team trained on eco-conception.

Next steps:

  • Greenwashing prevention protocol’ to be developed on roll-out in Q2/Q3 2024.
  • At least 50 people in the creative team will have been onboarded in the ‘Change the Brief’ program by the end of the year.
  • The carbon emissions of all Ad Production projects that involve a live shoot will be tracked using AdGreen.

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We’re undertaking the journey towards sustainable development with humility and determination

Jellyfish knows the efforts we need to make are much more than doing things the clean way, it’s about rethinking our purpose and business model. We can not expect sustainability to be an easy transformation, although there are some easy wins to chase, no significant achievements will come without great investment of our time, energy, and financial resources. Engaging all stakeholders, including helping our clients compete and innovate, is crucial for success.

It may not happen overnight, but upskilling and learning more about sustainability is going to be fundamental for doing business in the future. Embracing this challenge now sets the stage for our future success, urging us to hold ourselves accountable to achieving the goals we have set for ourselves.

To find out more about progress we have made in making marketing a force for good, read our Annual Sustainability Report 2023.

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