Reading the Numbers with Econometrician Grace Kite

Shamsul Chowdhury

EVP Paid Social, Jellyfish


In a world inundated with marketing data, deciphering the most pertinent KPIs is paramount for success. Join us as we delve into the intricate world of marketing analytics with Econometrician Grace Kite and brand strategist Tom Roach. Together, they unravel the complexities of KPI selection, emphasizing the critical role of context in assessing marketing effectiveness. From navigating industry nuances to aligning metrics with strategic objectives, this podcast offers invaluable insights into optimizing marketing measurement practices. Discover common pitfalls in performance analysis and learn how to future-proof your marketing endeavors. Tune in to gain actionable strategies for leveraging data intelligently and driving sustainable growth in a dynamic marketplace.


(0:00) Current industry challenges and guest backgrounds 

(4:04) Career paths, common pitfalls, and post-Covid marketing adjustments 

(12:30) Decision-making in a shifting economy and geographical economic differences

(21:06) Marketing strategies, metrics, and future trends

Current industry challenges and guest backgrounds

Turbulent times have marked the recent landscape for various organizations, prompting significant adjustments such as financial constraints and workforce reductions. Against this backdrop, scrutiny naturally falls upon marketing strategies and expenditures. However, the effectiveness of such analyses might be compromised as companies risk fixating on inappropriate KPIs. Effective analysis necessitates a focus on essential methodologies and metrics, including Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). As industry experts convene, insights into navigating these challenges and optimizing marketing approaches are paramount for informed decision-making.

Career paths, common pitfalls, and post-Covid marketing adjustments 

Within the realm of business, blind spots often lurk behind present successes, leading companies to overlook the fluidity of market dynamics and external influences. The cautionary tale of an online furniture company's missteps during the pandemic underscores the importance of adapting to evolving circumstances rather than tethering decisions solely to current trends. Amidst the uncertainties of a post-Covid landscape, marketers are tasked with recalibrating strategies to prioritize profitability over rapid expansion. In setting ad budgets for industries like retail and restaurants, the focus shifts toward deciphering consumer sentiment and economic trends to navigate the complexities of a changing marketplace.

Decision-making in a shifting economy and geographical economic differences

In today's ever-changing economy, businesses face complex decisions influenced by various factors. From marketing budgets to sector-specific challenges, understanding the broader economic landscape is crucial for success. Marketing strategies must go beyond traditional metrics to reflect societal changes and emerging opportunities. Tailoring approaches to different sectors is key, as some may benefit from economic turbulence while others struggle. Inflation and pent-up demand are key considerations, affecting consumer behavior and market dynamics. Meanwhile, geographical differences, like those between the US and UK, highlight the need for localized strategies.

Marketing strategies, metrics, and future trends

Tom and Grace explore a common challenge for brands: the performance plateau. This occurs when rapid growth stalls, necessitating a shift towards a balanced marketing approach that integrates brand building with performance marketing. The importance of experimentation and adaptation to new platforms and strategies to reignite growth was emphasized. While ROI remains vital, a nuanced approach that considers long-term impact was underscored. Looking ahead, a renewed focus on pricing strategies amidst economic uncertainties was predicted, highlighting the importance of pricing in the marketing mix. By embracing experimentation and data-driven insights, brands can effectively navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

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