The baby category on Amazon

Julie Cazaux

Marketing Director, Jellyfish

What are parents looking for? Who are the key brands? 

Our experts dived into Amazon brand analytics and the Seelk studio to uncover the key players of this growing category and share their insights to stand out. 

Focus: The car seat subcategory 

🔎 33% of all searches include a brand name➡ There is still room to increase your brand awareness in this category as still 2/3 of searches do not includes brands. Make sure your consumers know your brand! ➡ We can assume that parents are going through peer recommendations and online searches before buying on Amazon. 

🎯 Share of Shelf Analysis

Share of shelf analysis Oct 30th to Nov 6th 2020 – Seelk Studio

➡ Some brands are trusting the organic & sponsored space: NaniaBébé Confort and Lettas.➡ Lettas has only 7% of the organic space but compensates with a strong advertising strategy: 39% of all the Sponsored Product spaces display Lettas products.➡ Bébé confort is dominating the Sponsored Brand space.

💡 Global learnings➡ Reviews are paramount: on average between 300 to 1 000 reviews for each product. Average rating at 4.5/5 stars➡ A large majority of top brands have a brandstore and detailed product page: it’s important for parents to have the most information possible before buying such products

Focus: Baby food accessories

🔎 Amazon Search➡ Out of all searched keywords on Amazon.fr that include the term baby, 8% are related to food accessories. ➡ Top Searches include: tableware, high chairs, food storage container, mixer.➡ 26% of searches include a brand name*. Top brands being: Béaba (28%), Munchkin (22%), Muk (21%),Babymoov (12%). 

🎯 Share of Shelf Analysis

Share of shelf analysis Nov 2nd to Nov 16th 2020 – Seelk Studio

➡ Béaba leads on organic and Sponsored Brands positions but doesn’t invest on Sponsored Products. By dominating the Sponsored Brands positions, Béaba makes sure that 3 of its key products are visible most of the time (70% for this time period).

💡 Global learnings➡ The baby online market is growing fast, and Amazon is the number 1 platform.In 2018, Amazon revenues in the Baby and Toys category reached $3.7B worldwide, followed by JD.com with $3B and Walmart with $1.6B.➡ The Baby and Toys category is likely to become more and more competitive on Amazon. To maximize performance, brands need to make sure that their visibility and their content are perfectly optimized: enhanced product pages, review scores above 4/5, custom brand store and efficient targeting strategies.

Focus: Stroller category

🔎 28% of all searches include a brand name➡ Top searched brands: NaniaKinderkraftYoyo➡ Awareness is important but there is still room to increase your brand awareness in this category.

🎯 Share of Shelf Analysis

Share of shelf analysis Nov 1st to Nov 28th 2020 – Seelk Studio

➡ The stroller category on Amazon.fr is fragmented: there are many products and brands competing for visibility. 

💡 Experts analysis: ➡ The Share of Shelf represents a good mix of the category: Standard and Premium products are both visible.➡ The best organic brands are the ones that are relatively affordable. That’s because these brands have more offers and probably have better conversion rates and more reviews.➡ To get to the top of the page premium brands such as MaclaranBugaboo or Ickle Bubba have to invest in paid media.➡ Sponsored Brand position is dominated by 5 brands occupying 90% of the space while Sponsored Products is much more diversified.➡ Premium brands have significantly fewer reviews, this means that even if they are highly visible, people ready to buy a premium stroller will probably buy it in a physical retail space (consumer experience, advice from a retail assistant in-store…).

Focus: Babycare

🔎 50% of all searches include a brand name➡ In this subcategory, brand equity is paramount. People are looking for specific brands they already know and trust. ➡ Top Searched Brands: MustelaPampersBiolaneNatessance and Weleda

🎯 Share of Shelf Analysis

Share of shelf analysis Dec 1st to Dec 12th 2020 – Seelk Studio

➡ Some brands like Lictin or Cadum are missing opportunities because they do not invest in media. A lot of resellers are present in this category, resulting in a lack of control of visibility and brand image for the brands.

💡 Global analysis: ➡ The Share of Shelf is fragmented with a lot of brands competing for the top positions. ➡ As branded search and brand equity is extremely important for this category we recommend focusing on brand protection. Make sure you are visible on your own keywords! 

*Sources: Amazon.fr Brand Analytics – Statista.com.