The first steps for every brand exploring GenAI

Jack Smyth


 We believe generative AI is a generational opportunity to reshape every category. But many marketers face a simple question: where do I start? Through our GenAI Adoption Assessment we’ve identified the first steps for brands in this Experimental tier who are just starting to explore the potential of GenAI.

The majority of brands experimenting with GenAI start with production. 

It’s the logical focus for many marketing teams because it offers the most immediate benefits.

You can personalize messaging faster than ever before, extend your shoot to include every variation imaginable, and instantly optimize any asset you’ve already produced. 

The time and money you save in production can be reinvested in working media to reach more customers, new strategies to capture more of the category, and more advanced analytics to convert every interaction.

As we’ve partnered with global brands to integrate GenAI into their production workflow we’ve found these are 3x key steps for every brand eager to unlock the potential of GenAI:

1: Translate your brand guidelines into model guidelines

Before you generate a single asset, you have to translate your brand guidelines into model guidelines. 

Just as you would onboard a new agency with a brand induction, including what makes it unique and how it should be expressed, you need to do the same for a GenAI model. 

Without model guidelines, you risk generating assets that don’t meet your tone of voice, style or positioning - or even worse - look like your competitors.

Our Brand Strategy capability has developed a custom process for translating brand guidelines into model guidelines, such as distilling your tone of voice into a set of specific prompts. 

It’s why we’re so excited to offer our clients exclusive access to Pencil Pro, our enterprise-grade GenAI platform. Our teams can translate model guidelines and rapidly train a unique model for each brand - dedicated to generating the most distinctive assets possible. 

As Pencil Pro connects directly to your platform ad accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Google Display and Amazon Ads, we can also securely use your own performance data to ensure the model is generating the most effective assets possible too.

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2: Train your own model, unique to your brand

Training your own brand model is essential for brands in the Experimental tier.

Just as you wouldn’t use generic stock photos in your next campaign, you shouldn’t rely on outputs from a shared model to create something unique for your brand. Even more importantly, you shouldn’t be sharing performance data with a shared model to help a competitor improve their effectiveness.

Training your own model with Pencil Pro helps mitigate these legal and commercial concerns. 

Your model guidelines make the training process more transparent, so you know what’s being used and why. You can set your own governance processes for brand safety, and ensure the right stakeholders can review every asset as needed. Training with Pencil Pro prevents any performance insights from feeding a competitor’s model.

At Jellyfish Training, you’ll soon find courses that can teach and certify every internal stakeholder for GenAI production best practices, ensuring you use Pencil Pro to develop assets 10x faster on average without compromising on brand safety.

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3: Monitor popular models to understand how they perceive your brand

Training your own model ensures your assets are on-brand and effective, but what about the shared, public models that millions of people use daily?

Many of the world’s most iconic brands have become prompts for customers generating images of products, services and scenes they want to see - using models like Midjourney to generate an image of Adidas running shorts or a new scene with a Netflix star.

So every marketing team has to monitor how these popular models perceive their brand because these models are responsible for generating millions of images, answers and recommendations about your category every hour. 

Think of it as the evolution of social listening. Model monitoring helps you fine-tune your own brand model based on what other people are creating, and ensuring your model matches emerging trends.

Our Market Intelligence capability can track each popular model and provide you with a ‘share of model’ analysis that helps you see what people generate with your brand, and how your brand model should respond.

The brands tracking ‘share of model’ and training their own brand-safe, performance-focused model on Pencil Pro transition into our Integrated tier. 

This is where they reinvest efficiencies into more working media, new strategies and deeper analytics. To find out what tier your brand is in, take our GenAI Adoption Assessment now.