The three things marketers need to consider right now

Charlotte Parker

Marketing Executive, Jellyfish

1. Automation

What is it? Using machines to do tasks that humans might do, but perhaps don’t do it either at all or do it as well as a computer can do.

What it’s impact? if you’ve got a machine doing some of these tasks, then either they do them better, or it actually frees up your time to do other stuff.

What’s critical? Agencies and brands need to get much more familiar and comfortable using automation technology in order to be competitive.  

2.  Mobile UX

What about mobile? Mobile UX, and in particular, mobile site speed – i.e. how long it takes for a page to load on your mobile phone.

What’s it’s impact? If you make a one-second improvement in that page load time, then you’ll get a 27% increase in conversion, so a massive performance benefit that you’re not going to see if you do anything else.

What’s critical? It’s critical to drive this forward and have complicated conversations if need be, to help support those, download your mobile performance report using Google’s free tool here.

You will be provided with a checklist of what to do to improve your mobile site’s performance to claw back conversions you may have historically been losing to competitors.

3. Attribution

What about attribution? There’s more data available than there ever has been before which makes it appear complicated for marketers.

What’s it’s impact? Essentially it can help you understand exactly the way your marketing spend is best suited, in real-time in your current campaign and to inform future marketing decisions.

Why is it critical? It’s much easier now to take ownership of attribution as they’re in all Google products; AdWords, DoubleClick, GA 360 – and they’re improving all the time.

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