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Grow your brand across the app store ecosystems

More brands are becoming app-first or at least app-migrant. This is because consumer adoption of apps is expected to grow at a pace of 10% per year, with an estimated 200 billion app downloads per annum by 2025.* That will bring a lot of digital competition to the app stores, where there already are 7.5 million apps competing for 1 trillion dollars per year.* As an average app user spends 3 hours per day on apps, this means an average of 15 million USD is generated per minute.* No brand, including yours, can afford to miss out on this.

Stand out in the app store ecosystems, or an app will inevitably outmatch your brand — the only way to win is by developing and executing a well-rounded App Store Optimisation (ASO) strategy.

What is ASO?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of improving the organic, always-on visibility and conversion rate of an application in the app stores.

By targeting the right target audience, this visibility and conversion rate are indirectly translated into improving app retention rate and profitability.

Finally, as most ASO mechanisms revolve around ranking higher than your competitors, it gradually builds momentum until you gain brand dominance by displacing competing apps.

How do we help brands improve ASO?

All great things come in two parts: Developing an effective strategy, and executing it efficiently. ASO is no exception, and its building blocks are:

- ASO Strategy
Our network of world-class talents will conduct research, perform audits, diagnose problems with your ASO’s technical health as well as asset proficiency and turn the relevant insights into a strategy with short, medium and long-term impact.

- ASO Management:
The ASO Strategy will be turned into a roadmap that informs our optimization cycles: We set goals, formulate hypotheses, produce assets, run tests, generate and share learnings with you and iterate them through various tactics to continuously improve your ASO. Finally, with enough data, we’ll revise the roadmap and pave the way for more impactful strategy pivots.

Who or what kind of brand may benefit from ASO?

Both brands with early mobile presence and established app-focused brands can equally benefit from our expertise.

A nascent brand may, with our help, gain crucial advantages to avoid technical mistakes and get the preparation setup done correctly from the get-go. For established brands, we can equip them with highly advanced upgrades to accelerate their ASO programs and gain competitive advantages over the rest of the market.

We have a proprietary network of 12,000+ language specialists working with 52+ languages and dialects worldwide, who can ensure your ASO will take off anywhere, in any language that your ambitions allow.

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Beyond ASO

As a new kind of marketing performance company, Jellyfish has created a unique platform where ASO can perform well both on its own and in combination with other solutions.

Our mobile solutions, for starters, include mCRM, mobile CRO, UX/UI, paid media, content marketing and more.

Broaden the horizon, and we have digital PR, SEO (mobile or otherwise), data science, automation via both Jellyfish-branded and third-party solutions, and brand strategy, among others.

Finally, whenever you’re ready to take ASO into your own hands, let our industry-leading experts train your team in a mobile marketing course.


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