Advanced Analytics & Modeling: Predicting your customer’s next steps to grow your business

Predicting your customer’s next steps to grow your business

With more and more platforms competing to get consumer attention, brands need to increase their game to cut through the noise. There is a need for a more advanced method based on sound statistics models, as well as a different approach to growing your business and gaining a competitive advantage. 

From predictive analytics and audience strategy to future-proof media measurement protocols, our Advanced Analytics & Modeling offering allows us to answer clients' business challenges with fact-based insights using advanced cloud or modeling technologies.

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Advanced Analysis

Go beyond simple data analysis to truly understand your consumers. 

Increasing amounts of your data are locked into walled gardens belonging to different platforms. As they don’t use the same metrics or IDs, it is challenging to match data points from various platforms and thus to build and have visibility on your complete user journeys. Still there is a lot more value that can be unlocked beyond what you see in the standard reports. Our team of experts can understand billions of data points in order to run models and provide advanced analysis. In doing so, we can truly understand your consumers, provide you with a sense of the WHY and WHAT, and determine the true impact of your marketing campaigns.

Use case example:

Uncover the true value of your media activation with a future-proof measurement methodology

As privacy concerns rise among users, brands must adapt their marketing operational framework to meet customer’s expectations. Privacy changes heavily impact current A/B testing, so brands need new reliable methods, without user-level data, to understand their performance levers. 
Lift Studies can help brands measure the incremental value of their paid media activations with testing methodologies that meet privacy standards, including Geo Experiments and Pre/Post Test. 

Through incremental tests and sharing best practice recommendations, the brands we work with get:

  • Feasibility tests of the proposed lift study to ensure a statistically significant result prior to test commencement - ensuring all tests deliver a clear outcome against the defined hypothesis
  • The optimal test design for each test using clients first-party data, with setup recommendations
  • Test results, analysis and recommended action plan


We classify your audience, predict the future and help you allocate your marketing business to create growth. 

In today's digital world, brands need to understand their audience and know where incremental value for their business is possible. Being able to allocate your marketing budget based on data will allow you to improve your marketing and have a predictive approach.

We use modeling techniques to predict and classify your consumers into segments that make sense to your organization and objectives and help you improve your targeting and bid strategies. We also use Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) approach to understand causality and incrementality relations. 

Use case example:

Privacy-safe solutions

In a world where cookie deprecation and data loss or finding and using privacy-safe solutions for the future are key challenges, we helped an FMCG brand drive media spend efficiencies and offline sales that can be scaled across a global network of brands.
We stress-tested two RBA models and were able to share recommendations on how to leverage RBA in a global measurement framework. 

Data Enhancement: We turn unstructured data into structured data. 

Identifying what type of assets perform better than others for your business is a huge competitive advantage. But it's hard to know where to look when you have thousands of different assets (product pictures, videos). 
Our experts can structure your data to pull meaningful and actionable insights. For example: 
Analyzing thousands of product images to identify which image types drive the most conversions
- Turning video ads into actionable data to know the perfect duration to drive clicks.