Connects brands to audiences through unified measurement, technology, and talent

Connecting to your customers through our programmatic display solution allows you to leverage consumer data from various sources to drive relevant messaging to your customers. Using innovative and creative display ads, you can tailor a digital experience that’s personal to them.

Why Display

As part of your digital strategy, deliver connected messages to your customers through our programmatic display solution. Have transparency throughout the media buying process with access to relevant inventory that allows data to drive your media planning and execution. Ensure your brand is protected through our brand safety tools and measures while delivering a personalized experience through privacy-safe media buying. All with help from our J+ Media proprietary technology to maximize your paid media performance, extract insights, and continually increase your media productivity through automation.

J+Bidding - Enhance media performance with automation and activation by leveraging first-party data to optimize campaign performance, increase brand awareness, and boost conversions.

J+Shopping - Automated data model that is designed to maximize sales performances of Google Shopping campaigns.

Share of Demand - Sharpen your view on the competition by understanding your share of search as a proxy for market share and make smarter marketing decisions.

How we help you

From planning your media strategy to execution, we’re here to help you build an advertising display experience that will drive growth for your brand. 

Our approach is to establish your platform to perform and accelerate your digital maturity with our best-in-class paid media proposition.

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Our integrated teams build smart campaigns that follow platform best practices to tap into your target audience’s behaviors and mindsets throughout the consumer journey.

- Research, planning, and consultation across all formats and environments
- Integration and planning of data sources and offline channels, including first-party, second-party, and third-party data, as well as offline channels
- Comprehensive forecasting of reach, performance, seasonality, and vertical-specific KPIs

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- Interrogating your digital maturity helps us maximize your media effectiveness through better use of technology and data. Whether you’re at the start of your journey or looking to push your connected campaigns even further, we’ll be the driving force behind your digital transformation.
- We have expertise in all advanced features across Google technology platforms, including Display and Video 360, Campaign Manager 360 and Display Ads
- Our J+ Technology tools power greater performance and efficiency for your paid media.

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Our integrated teams build smart campaigns following platform best practices to tap into your target audience’s behaviors and mindsets throughout the consumer journey for flawless media execution.

- Specialism and precision across all platforms and buying models – Open Auction Real Time Bidding, Private Marketplace, Programmatic Guaranteed and direct reservation buying
- Relentless innovation and testing to stay ahead in a complex digital ecosystem 
- Build advanced user cases across all prominent activation platforms, including The Trade Desk, Roku, Verizon, and Xander
- Activation and optimization of all media formats and features across Display, Video, and Audio
- Advanced measurement and transparent reporting to demonstrate your media effectiveness
- Utilize our e-commerce and data specialism through the Amazon DSP and measurement solutions

How we support you

Strategic Onboarding

  • Discovery workshop and platform audits to understand your business goals and benchmark your performance
  • A measurement framework to outline an infrastructure for performance reporting, and meaningful insights
  • An integrated tech stack designed to deliver your media campaigns effectively
  • Paid Media strategy and planning aligned with your business objectives

Ongoing Management

  • Best-in-class campaign management to drive your media performance 
  • Quarterly reviews to keep on pace with objectives and align with strategic goals
  • Monitoring and optimization to maintain media performance
  • Continuous review of innovation and automation tools to improve campaign performance
  • Connect culture across earned, owned, and paid media that benefits cross-channel clients

We offer a full range of PPC, Display ads, Shopping and Programmatic courses

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