Retail Media expertise at jellyfish

Maximize your Retail Presence and Media investments on the World’s biggest Ecommerce platforms!

We combine technology with retail intelligence to robustly feed your retail media strategy and help you perform on the retail platforms.

Why it matters?

Ecommerce , and specially Retail Media is one of the fastest growing channels in today's retail world. In 2026, 24% of all sales are expected to be done online (emarketer 2022 report) and 91% of advertisers see retail media as being a key part of their advertising strategy in 2023 and beyond. (Iab europe report). 

Did you know that your visibility on Amazon’s search results is key to your shoppers discovering your products amongst thousands of other options? It is essential to follow your shoppers through the purchase funnel on and off Amazon to generate more sales and build brand loyalty. In fact, half of all product searches start on Amazon.

In a world where being visible and getting the attention of the shoppers is more and more costly and competitive, it is vital to understand the right media approach and investment that will enable your to race ahead of your competition, drive the most sales, and be on top of consideration in the most efficient and relevant way…

Powered by the J+ Commerce Suite

Our proprietary technology connects to retail and advertising ecommerce platforms, enablingus to offer a unique mix of retail insights and retail media strategy to maximize your media investment with us.
Our technology allows us to collect ad analyze retail insights and trends to inform the right level of investment by ad format and across the funnel. Our team of retail and media experts address challenges for clients; ranging from launching into a single marketplace to deploying a multi-global strategy on different marketplaces and publishers in Europe and the US.

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Build to perform

We combine your objectives and relevant marketing and media insights to build and execute the best retail media strategy. This strategy spans across the marketing funnel. We identify the right 1st party data approach when it comes to brand objectives and pair it with the right mid to lower funnel approach to successfully capitalize on the right trends to meet your performance goals (ROAS, PCOGS…).  

Our team of experts leverages insights and analysis through tech like AMC to understand and drive an omnichannel approach. Learn more about how we are using Amazon Marketing Cloud to help our clients.

We use a complete framework combining technology, retail media strategy, and retail media management to achieve your goals: 

Design: Device retail media strategy supporting brand objectives by products and market using retail tactics and best budget breakdown techniques. 

Build: Most effective campaign creation at scale, leveraging first and third-party tech.

Run: Ongoing and strategic optimization based on retail and media insights using performance dashboards and efficient campaign management.  

Learn: Challenge and validate retail media strategies leveraging AMC and testing Beta innovations. 

Why Jellyfish?

Our priority is to provide our clients with the maximum benefits of retail media advertising. We provide a full-funnel approach and combine our proprietary tech and expertise to bring the best performances to our clients. 

We have successfully achieved Advanced Partner status with Amazon, globally unlocking exclusive benefits for media spend, ad formats, and insider programs.  This combined with the best-in-class third-party tool ecosystem allows us to offern our clients enhanced performance.

In addition to our partner ecosystem, we have a team of professionals fully certified on leading platforms such as Criteo, Citrus Ad and Walmart.