Propel users through every part of the customer journey

Search engine optimization (SEO) has the unique ability to support the customer’s experience at every stage of their journey — growing brand awareness and preference while increasing product consideration, driving transactional intent and building long-term advocacy among key audience segments. As your global digital partner, we work collaboratively to help you evolve within the organic search landscape — and win in it.

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SEO increases your opportunity to be found by your customer, always. No matter the time, day, or device. SEO "done well" means better performance marketing and brand marketing outcomes. That’s why investing in SEO establishes valuable search equity for brands, providing incremental value and performance over time. Our award-winning SEO team, supported by best-in-class proprietary and third-party technology, can deliver high-level SEO services or immerse within your brand’s wider marketing activity — integrating with your other digital or traditional channels to improve your SEO.

How we help you

We focus on optimizing the most influential dimensions of your SEO strategy. This makes your brand more discoverable through organic search across the world’s major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Baidu. Without it, your site can’t perform to its full potential. That’s why, at Jellyfish, we deliver an SEO solution that’s here to set you up for success through:

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Technical SEO

Working from the ground up to provide search engine crawlers with an obstacle-free experience to access and rank your site

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SEO content optimization

Making sure your web content is relevant, keyword-targeted and adding value to each stage of your audience’s journey

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Authority and Link Building

Promoting your web assets across relevant online communities, influencer networks and online publications to grow reach, awareness and engagement

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How we support you

Jellyfish will provide ongoing support and identify opportunities to maximize your SEO performance through:

Strategic Onboarding Program: We can also provide further support options to enhance your SEO strategy and grow and support your business objectives. These include:

  • Full immersion into your brand, your business objectives and your stakeholder teams
  • Discovery audits and landscape analysis to uncover the size of your organic search opportunity
  • Insight-driven strategy creation, supported by a detailed and prioritized activation roadmap
  • Set-up of SEO monitoring and reporting technology for accurate performance measurement

Ongoing Monthly Management: Jellyfish will provide ongoing support where we identify opportunities to maximize your SEO performance through:

  • Technical SEO support
  • Content optimization support
  • Foundation link building
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • SEO technology

Quarterly Business Reviews are included to ensure your SEO strategy is on track with your business objectives.

Support Options

We can also provide further support options to enhance your SEO strategy to grow and support your business objectives through:

SEO Content Creation: Our team of copywriters will create search-optimized content to outperform your organic competition.

PR Link Building: Use your brand stories to build your link profile with regular referrals from credible, relevant press coverage and publisher sites.

Advanced Mobile Speed Audit: Our in-depth audit will raise issues in your mobile proposition that may impact organic rankings or conversion rate.

Expertise-Authority-Trust (E-A-T) Audit: Google's Search Quality Rater Guidelines place a high value on E-A-T principles, so we’ll audit your site and content, prioritizing recommendations to raise your perceived level of E-A-T.

Actionable SEO training from our experts

We’ve designed our industry-leading SEO courses to help you understand the latest ranking factors and optimization techniques to drive business success.

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