Benchmark your brand's Gen AI capabilities in 3 minutes

Benchmark your brand's Gen AI capabilities in 3 minutes

Gen AI is a generational opportunity to redefine your category on your terms.

Every brand needs to know how they compare to competitors at the cutting edge, and where to focus for their next steps. Last quarter we found 88% of brands were still in the Experimental stage, missing out on the massive efficiency and effectiveness gains that Gen AI can unlock. 

How are brands using Gen AI?

To track adoption across the fast-moving Gen AI landscape we separate brands into three tiers: Experimental, Integrated and Advanced. 

Experimental brands are still exploring how Gen AI can help them generate assets - often just text or static images. This is often through an existing agency or an internal studio using third-party Gen AI models. 

While every brand will find efficiencies experimenting with Gen AI in asset production, focusing on outputs alone creates a ceiling for GenAI’s true value. 

The more mature brands reinvest those savings into reimagining their entire workflow - training their own unique brand models and using Gen AI to unlock new insights, audiences and strategic opportunities.

Brands in this tier have progressed beyond Experimental to Integrated

They have at least one unique brand model maintained by an internal or hybrid agency team, with regular calibration sessions to ensure it’s generating distinctive assets by tracking category creative norms.

In Q3 many brands are still experimenting

In Q3 2023 we found that only a handful of brands have entered the Advanced tier. 

These are brands who recognize Gen AI’s potential to change far more than just workflow, and are exploring entirely new customer experiences. 

These brands are focused on securing “share of model”: generating autonomous assets and experiences that shape the major models’ understanding of their category to their benefit. 

The most advanced brands have plans to move beyond unique brand models to brand agents. 

Brand agents autonomously oversee and integrate multiple models to deliver more complex outcomes such as recommending a new sitemap to improve brand understanding for aggregator plugins. 

We believe generative AI is a generational opportunity to build a better, faster, cheaper marketing model for every brand. 

The brands willing to push past the initial efficiency gains and reinvest in new processes and platforms will define their category on their terms.

The first steps for every brand exploring GenAI

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