Running Cyber Awareness Programmes

Learn how to create and run a Cyber Awareness campaign and successfully educate your colleagues on the cyber-risks facing your organisation with our two-day course.
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Running a cyber awareness programme requires the ability to identify the specific risks to your organisation and tailor your cyber awareness efforts. Successful cyber awareness programmes engage, inform, and encourage end-users to take an active role in protecting your digital assets.

Our two-day training course focuses on taking you from zero-to-hero by giving you to the tools to focus your efforts, raise awareness, and secure your enterprise at the human-level. We will discuss the various aspects of cyber-security and how people can either be the weakest link in your defence or an invaluable asset to protecting your digital assets.

You will learn how to map your current cyber-security posture, identify and categorise your particular risks and prioritise your efforts to deliver clear communication on the specific risks to your organisation and the actions necessary to reduce your exposure.

Our Running Cyber Awareness Programmes course is offered as a private training session and will run over two consecutive days. It can be delivered at our own training venues in the Rosebank Link, Johannesburg or Umhlanga or any location of your choice.

Course overview
Who should attend:

If you're looking for a non-too-technical course to raise the cybersecurity awareness in your organisation this course is for you. This course gives you a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity issues. And insight into how to educate your end-user and increase your overall cybersecurity.

The course is suitable for all levels of including, IT, Health & Safety, Human Resources, and anyone tasked with spreading the word about cybersecurity.

Walk away with the ability to:
  • Understand cybersecurity and the impact of cyber breaches in your organisation
  • Identify your organisation's cyber-threats
  • Categorise your cyber-threats
  • Develop the most appropriate strategy for your organisation
  • Launch and maintain a Cyber Awareness programme
  • Test the effectiveness of your Cyber Awareness programme
Course agenda
What is Cybersecurity?
  • The big picture
  • The little picture
  • Where does your organisation fit?
The Battlespace
  • Threat actors, motivations, and targets
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Limitations and ethics
Cyber Awareness Campaign Strateg
  • Key considerations
  • The right fit for your organisation
  • Your cyber awareness programme
Targeting Your Audience
  • Start small, grow big
  • Methods of communicating
  • Reinforcement strategies
Testing Cyber Awareness Effectiveness
  • Testing awareness
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