Web & App Measurement

Understand your consumers through Web & App Measurement

Make more informed decisions for your marketing strategy and drive your business impact through a high-level view of your audiences, with an improved understanding of their journeys. 
We help clients identify how their websites and apps perform against their marketing goals - allowing them to better engage with their audience and make informed decisions.

In a world of privacy, we see less and less data. So, data quality is more important than ever.

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How we help

We help brands understand how websites and apps perform against their marketing goals. With Jellyfish, brands can know what is going on, what good results and data look like, how their audiences engage with them, and where they should invest their budget. 

We use our proprietary technology J+Track to help brands achieve a high-quality standard of data.

Any platform you use, we know about it. And we know how to help. We are a premier Google Partner and we can also support data migration.

We have a defined process to activate your data in just a few weeks:

  1. Understand your needs: We ask questions to understand your business and what you are trying to achieve. This will allow us to identify your data points and which ones are useful.
  2. Identifying key data points: Once we know your business and your goals, we can identify the data that we need to answer your questions. 
  3. Collect data points: We collect and centralize your data so that you can be autonomous and take action now. 
  4. Build analytics platforms: We get all your marketing tools to talk to each other to provide a fully integrated data set. We are a Premier Google Partner but we can work with any platform you need us to. We can also help migrate your data between platforms if necessary.
  5. Easy access: We make all of this easily available to you so you own your data and can get insights quickly.

Why Jellyfish?

  • We truly understand you: We are marketing and domain verticals experts. 
  • We work fast to provide insights quickly: We use our proprietary tool J+Track to provide accurate and useable data in just a few weeks. 
  • We are compliant with privacy policies: We maintain, document, and provide knowledge about your data to match privacy regulations.

Analytics training with our in-house experts

Our courses have been carefully created to give you the practical skills essential for implementing and making the most of your website and app analytics data.

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