Jellyfish earns Amazon Marketing Cloud Service and Software provider badge



The Amazon Marketing Cloud Service and Software Provider Badge

The attainment of the Amazon Marketing Cloud Service and Software Provider Badge underscores Jellyfish's commitment to excellence in digital marketing and its dedication to staying at the forefront of the eCommerce industry, empowering clients with unparalleled insights and capabilities to optimize their advertising efforts effectively on retail's platforms. This recognition not only validates Jellyfish's Amazon expertise but also solidifies its position as a trusted partner for brands seeking to maximize their presence and performance in the competitive e-commerce landscape, highlighting Jellyfish's continuous efforts to adapt and innovate in an ever-evolving digital ecosystem. 

What it means for our clients

Jellyfish Commerce's collaboration with clients encompasses a spectrum of activities aimed at maximizing retail media performance. From integrating data seamlessly to providing advanced insights for optimizing retail media budgets, Jellyfish's partnership with its clients ensures strategic alignment and tangible business outcomes. This includes close collaboration with AMC, facilitating targeted campaigns and enhancing audience engagement for brands across various industries.

How we work with AMC:

Jellyfish's approach to working with Amazon Marketing Cloud is comprehensive and strategic. Our experts at Jellyfish Commerce can leverage AMC to drive impactful results for clients, offering actionable insights and innovative solutions tailored to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Read more about our AMC expertise