Transforming experiences with customised technology

Transforming experiences with customised technology

We used intelligent tech, as well as insights into education, integration and direction, to drive performance far into the future.


Puig is a world leader in fashion and fragrance, owning hugely successful brands such as Paco Rabanne and Jean Paul Gaultier. With multiple products available in multiple countries on multiple platforms, consistency is at a premium.


Puig engaged Jellyfish to consult on their transformation into a truly digital, global business. Using intelligent tech, as well as insights into education, integration, and governance, Jellyfish introduced Puig to the right tools and knowledge to drive performance far into the future.

New Approach

It started as a collaborative effort to define a new approach to analytics—from the initial infrastructure to more granular reporting and iteration processes, and every stage in between.

Working Together

We also met individually with each different brand, and customised our audit and implementation methodology so the entire business could benefit without disruption.

Going Further

Now, with smarter analytics and more efficient processes in place, Puig can take full advantage of its global dataset to drive business decisions and build better experiences for customers. And together, we are using data collected to uncover and solve problems both at a global and individual brand level.

The Future

Puig has undergone a digital transformation, and are on their way to becoming fully data-driven. Thanks to a close partnership with Jellyfish, they know they’re always using the right data to drive their decisions.

Data. Measurement. Improvement. Together.


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