Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 101

Pierre-Alexandre Yacoub

Senior Experience Optimization Manager

CRO or how to improve user experience

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) aims to improve the user experience (UX) to align business objectives with the expectations of Internet users. This discipline goes beyond AB Testing by involving a variety of skills.

CRO encompasses the continuous improvement of web and mobile interfaces, seeking to convert interactions into valuable actions for the company (purchases, registrations, etc.). To succeed in this field, it is crucial to have analytical, marketing and development skills, as well as a rigorous methodology and clearly defined objectives.

The 6 pillars needed for starting out in CRO

To get started in CRO, it is crucial to structure these six essential pillars:

  1. Skills: analysis tools, marketing, development…
  2. Methodology: prioritizing tests, documenting learnings…
  3. Speed: ability to produce tests regularly and in parallel
  4. Culture: governance, stakeholder buy-in, internal evangelism…
  5. Tools: for quantitative and qualitative analysis, testing and personalization platforms…
  6. Objectives: precise and quantified objectives setting for the CRO plan.

The process starts with reliable data and then requires an experimentation platform like AB Tasty or Optimizely. Finally, a team composed of a UX specialist and a developer is essential to implement the strategy.

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Focus on the main steps of an A/B testing strategy

AB Testing, much more than just experience, is a precise process that requires thorough understanding, accurate correction and rigorous validation to ensure reliable and meaningful results.

1. Understanding

Before conducting experiments, it is essential to understand user behaviors. This requires careful analysis, combining quantitative data from analytics and qualitative data from UX resources. Key questions guide this phase: what are the sources of traffic? Which routes are most conducive to conversion? 

2. Correction

Once the problems are identified, it is time to correct them. This starts with prioritizing the actions to be taken, assessing the potential, impact and effort required. Then, a test plan is developed, followed by the development and the recipe to validate the hypotheses.

3. Validation

Starting the test is crucial. A gradual ramp-up makes it possible to check the proper functioning of the test in real conditions. The test lasts between 15 and 35 days, with continuous analysis to assess its impact. Statistical confidence is key to interpreting results and making informed decisions for the future.

Beyond testing: continuous improvement, every day

AB Testing is an essential part of continuous improvement by enabling real-time experiments. However, for effective improvement, we must go beyond this single tool.

Indeed, a multidisciplinary approach is needed, combining quantitative and qualitative analysis, competition observation and empirical research. These complementary expertise make it possible to structure frictionless user journeys and optimize the technical performance of interfaces.

While AB Testing is common, other practices such as data-driven interface redesign, performance audits, or adherence to web accessibility standards play a key role in continuous improvement.

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3 ways to drive forward your optimisation plan:

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  2. In-house support: We help you carry out your optimisation plan and work with your teams until they’re happy working independently, with support over 6 or 12 months. Contact us to find out more.
  3. Consultant or all-inclusive support: Jellyfish works with you to maximize the impact of your plan and help you reach your goals, whether through research, campaign creation, analysis, quarterly reports, progress vs your goals…

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 101

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