Bespoke reporting & dashboard

Bring a holistic view to your reports and data

Unite all your channels and stakeholders in one place with a holistic view of your data.

In an era of privacy and data excess, it’s fundamental for every business to use its first-party data to gain a competitive advantage. For example, you need to understand which audiences are the most profitable, which campaigns are the most effective, and where are the friction points in the marketing funnel.

But because we live in a multi-platform world, it can be difficult to have the holistic view you need to truly understand your consumers and make the right decisions.

With bespoke reporting and dashboards, we bring data together in a way that makes sense.

Screenshots on purple jellyfish background representing dahsboards and reports

A complete process to truly understand your specific needs

We have a defined process to activate your data in just a few weeks:

  1. Understand your objectives: Our experts meet with your stakeholders to understand their objectives, the data needed, and the formats. The goal is to create a custom report, not one that looks like the 50 you already have.
  2. Design a data model: We work with your teams and partners to get the data set up correctly. We combine all types of data (online, offline, from various sources).
  3. Connect the different data sources: We use our proprietary technology J+Dataprep to connect your data in an understandable way.
  4. Storing your data: We ensure you have access to a clean structure in the data warehouse we've established, so you can use it for future projects and scale in a privacy-safe manner.
  5. Visualization: We transform the data to get a consistent data model across all platforms. We use your own technology stack to build the visualization report you need. Your users will be able to understand the data easily, dive deeper if necessary, and have the ability to act on the information they see. We can create automated alerts or build audiences directly from the visualization tools.
  6. Maintenance: The biggest mistake brands make is to think that once this is done, it is over. The reality is that you will need to maintain this process. Platforms might change, your naming convention might not always be followed, or you might want to try out a new product or platform.... We always recommend having a maintenance plan in place. If you want to maintain your data internally, we’ll make sure you have all the tools you need.

Why Jellyfish?

  • We truly understand you: We are marketing and domain verticals experts. We understand the marketing data models and how they connect with the platform world. Because we are marketers, we understand your requests and your needs.
  • We are certified for all visualization platforms available on the market: We are experienced in using Salesforce Datorama, Tableau, Power BI, and Looker Studio.... We can use the platforms that you prefer.
  • We are compliant with privacy policies: We maintain, document, and provide knowledge about your data to match privacy regulations.

Analytics training with our in-house experts

Our courses have been carefully created to give you the practical skills essential for implementing and making the most of your data.

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