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Google Analytics 360

A single source of truth for online, offline, and integration data on your websites and apps.

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Google Analytics 360 (GA 360) or 360 Analytics is a platform for collecting, measuring, and analyzing data on the visitors to your digital properties. Understand your audiences and their behavior for a more complete view of current performance and future strategies.

Why it matters

  • See beyond the “hit” to learn more about the people visiting your websites and apps
  • Aggregate data from media sources, CRM integrations, and even offline sources into one platform 
  • Analyze data across different audiences, content, and more, all at scale
  • Track user interactions across use cases like content, forms, and video to understand which assets perform best
  • Quickly take action from insights to optimize your content strategy
  • Visualize performance with unified reporting for all websites and apps
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How we help you

We will get you set up seamlessly and provide a comprehensive platform support package that helps you get started with your measurement strategy:
- Platform Activation to meet your needs
- Analytics Platform Support to support you with troubleshooting, measurement maintenance and updates plus monthly check-ins with your dedicated account manager

How we can support you

Our GA360 package gets you activated and ready to go on the platform including Optimize 360 if required. We take the time to understand your specific business requirements and then activate the platform, ready for your teams to configure.

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Platform Activation

From set-up and user roles to Platform walkthroughs and scorecards. We get you ready to use the platform.

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Analytics Platform Support

We provide ongoing support essential for measurement maintenance and updates for your existing platform configuration.

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Web & App Measurement

If you want to maximize your measurement effectiveness with the best practice, you can check this page.

GA360 training with our GMP experts

Our Analytics 360 and Google Marketing Platform courses have been designed to help develop your capabilities in-house and will provide you with the skills to work smarter in programmatic buying.

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