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Anwobo Amihere – Director, Training (Paid Media & GMP)
  • Google Ads (AdWords): Search Standard
  • Google Ads (AdWords): Search Advanced
  • Google Ads: Display (GDN)
  • Programmatic & RTB Display
Virtual Classroom
A convenient and interactive learning experience, that enables you to attend on of our courses from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you can log on. We offer Virtual Classroom on selected live classroom courses where this will appear as an option under the location drop down if available. These can also be booked as Private Virtual Classrooms for exclusive business sessions.
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Industry expert tuition

Master how to create efficient Google Ads and PPC campaigns to expand your brand reach, generate more traffic and develop your career in Paid Media. This bundle includes four courses.

Paid Search practitioners are responsible for driving traffic to a website. As there is a cost associated with every click, the key is to ensure the right users are clicking. Successful paid search practitioners are adept at choosing the right keywords, targeting the right customers to efficiently utilise budget and using the most effective creative.

1 day classroom course
Looking to learn the ins and outs of programmatic advertising? Discover all you need to know about real-time media buying on our Programmatic & RTB Display course.
Why should I follow this bundle?
Jellyfish began life as a Paid Search agency. Today, we are continuously testing, developing and creating best practices to ensure our clients’ accounts are fully optimised and generate maximum results from Paid Search. This Career Builder bundle has been created to help you develop the skills and knowledge to create successful strategies and campaigns to reach the right people at the right time.
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  • Google Ads (AdWords): Search Standard
  • Google Ads (AdWords): Search Advanced
  • Google Ads: Display (GDN)
  • Programmatic & RTB Display
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RRP R19,999
Anwobo Amihere
Director, Training (Paid Media & GMP)

Anwobo Amihere is the Paid Media Trainer at Jellyfish and an expert in Google Ads, Search Ads 360 and Amazon Advertising. With over six years’ experience in Paid Media, he runs courses worldwide.

Anwobo recommends the Google Ads Specialist Career Builder bundle for those who want to be Google Ads specialists, saying ‘it’s particularly appropriate for those new to Google Ads, as you’ll begin with the Standard course, before attending the Advanced one’.

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