Visionary Thinking in the Digital Age

Create a new vision or strategy for your organisation or team using Three Horizons and future-back thinking so you can thrive in the digital age in this one day course.
1 day course
Supporting material
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

This course will create a thinking step-change for delegates inspired by exploring the profound changes emerging in the 4th industrial revolution.

You'll experience and explore tools and techniques which will enable you to not only survive, but thrive under the increasing pressures exerted in the digital workplace. You will walk-away with a kitbag of tools and behavioural approaches which will enable you and your team to manage and bounce-back from the challenges you’ll encounter every day.

We'll focus on empowering you to build a new vision and strategy for their organisation utilising the Three Horizons model developed by the Futures Forum. Here shareholder returns were shown to be markedly improved in companies who looked 5 years out and beyond in their planning cycles (85% vs 47%). The Three Horizons approach will enable delegates to stimulate visions and strategies born out of the future (‘future-back thinking’). Where appropriate, brand essence and positioning or organisational values and culture focuses can also be adopted in the session.

The course is facilitated by experts in strategy, visioning and behavioural change who have extensive experience as c-suite leaders in business. They will draw on leading-edge research and the latest behavioural science to provide a highly experiential course that will inspire profound leadership development.

Our Visionary Thinking in the Digital Age course is offered as a private training session and can be delivered at our own training venues in the Rosebank Link, Johannesburg or Umhlanga, or any location of your choice.

Course overview
Who should attend:

If you’re a leader who is serious about making the changes required so that you and your business can thrive and grow in the digital age, then this course is for you. Attendance will enable you to create a new vision to inspire, motivate and guide your team or organisation in the digital age.

Walk away with:
  • A vision and strategy for your organisation or team built out of future-first thinking
  • Awareness of the key disruptive changes brought about by the 4th industrial revolution and how they impact creating a vision which is differentiated, compelling, and genuinely future-focused
  • Knowledge of the key skills required to build a vision in the digital age and an ability to enhance behaviours to develop these skills
  • A kitbag of tools to build, ingrain and maintain your vision in a VUCA world
Course agenda
Digital understanding up-skill
  • The latest thinking on how the digital revolution is impacting organisations leveraging research from the World Economic Forum and a number of the world’s top 20 business schools
  • Why a different style of leadership and vision is required in a world without certainty
  • What’s different about creating a vision for the digital age?
Creating the mindset for visioning
  • The key attributes of the digital leader: from heroic leader to matrix leader
  • What are your core values, beliefs and thinking styles?
  • Are these congruent with leadership in the digital age?
  • Evolving your beliefs and thinking styles for leadership excellence
Overcoming resistance to change
  • The power of 71 brainstorm (Negative and Reasons to Believe)
  • The Motivation to Move: Dangers vs Opportunities experiential session
  • What you stand for brainstorm
Three Horizons and future-back creation exercise (1-3-2)
  • Managerial mode: Managing today and incremental improvements in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Visionary: What is emerging over the future horizon
  • Entrepreneurial: The short to medium term future, encompassing new opportunities and innovation
Building your resilience kitbag
  • Reflect on your personal learning
  • Create your kitbag for developing and maintaining your digital vision
Group challenges exercise
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