Cloud Engineer Track

For individuals who want to learn how to configure, set up, and deploy cloud solutions.

Cloud Engineer Track

Architecting with Google Compute Engine

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 28 May

Interested in learning about Google Compute Engine and how it can be used to deploy practical solutions? This three-day course covers everything you need to know about Google Cloud’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) component.

$1,995 ex TAX

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 09 Sep

Are you looking to learn the fundamental concepts for working with Google Cloud? Learn about the platform’s essential computing, storage, resource and policy management tools on this one-day course.

$699 ex TAX

Getting Started with Google Kubernetes Engine

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 08 Jul

Familiarize yourself with container basics and learn everything you need to know about deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications on Kubernetes, powered by Google Cloud.

$699 ex TAX

Preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer Examination


Gain valuable information, tips, and advice to help you prepare for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.