Adobe Analytics

Learn how to measure and report on your online data and demystify Adobe Analytics with our introductory course.
1 day course
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Classroom, Virtual, Private
Face to face, interactive classroom training run from our global training centres.
Virtual Classroom
A convenient and interactive learning experience, that enables you to attend one of our live classroom courses via WebEx from your office or even the comfort of your home.
These can also be booked as Private Virtual Classrooms for exclusive business sessions.
A private training session for your team. Groups can be of any size, at a location of your choice including our training centres.

As a certified Adobe Analytics Partner, we’ll help you improve your digital strategy and meet your online business goals.

Our Adobe Analytics course, is intended for beginners and intermediate users, as it gives an overview and starting point for anyone learning the Adobe Analytics Platform.

This one day course is led by one of our in-house Analytics experts, who will share the experience they have gained working directly on multiple client campaigns.

You’ll gain the confidence to report, segment and use Adobe Analytics data to inform your business decisions.

It's perfect preparation for anybody looking to achieve the Adobe Analytics Certification for Architect, Developer or Business Practitioner.

Our Adobe Analytics course is available at our training facility in San Francisco. We also offer private training at a location of your choice or via Virtual Classroom.

Course overview
Who should attend:
This course has been designed to give new and intermediate Adobe Analytics users the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in what this system can really offer. Our Adobe Analytics course will give you confidence in using the tool and improve your analytics capabilities.
Walk away with the ability to:
  • Describe the capabilities and limitations of Adobe Analytics
  • Utilise Adobe Analytics functionality and reports
  • Identify the main reports that will add value to your business
  • Navigate and use the Workspace dashboarding interface and features
  • Better understand your audience and how they behave on your site
Course agenda
  • Defining web analytics
  • The Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Analytics how it works
Adobe Analytics Fundamentals
  • Adobe Analytics Variables and Metrics
  • Custom Variables: Traffic and Conversion
  • Tracking Events
  • Filtering
  • Report UI [trended, ranked, graphs, etc.]
Adobe Analytics Documentation and Planning
  • Defining Key Business Requirement
  • Creating Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Intro to Design and Documenting the Solution Design Reference
Adobe Analytics UI
  • Features
  • Exporting Data
Understanding Your Reports (Standard Reports)
  • Site Metrics
  • Site Content
  • Key Mobile Report (device)
  • Path reports (Fallout)
  • Product/Ecommerce Report
  • Marketing Channels Report
Traffic Acquisition
  • Overview of key traffic sources reports
  • Campaign Measurement and Tracking Parameters
  • Tracking Offline
  • Attribution [Marketing Channels Report*]
Introduction to Segmentation & Calculated Metrics
  • Creating Segments
  • Analysis with Segmentation
  • Calculated Metrics
Driving Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Tools & Features (Ad-Hoc, Workbench, Warehouse, etc.]
  • Creating and sharing bookmark reports, alerts, targets and notifications
  • Resources
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