Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer

Learn how to create responsive ads that leverage data signals and decisioning rules from DoubleClick Studio to serve personalized content to individual users.

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Google Web Designer is the program that Google has developed to enable the creation of interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that run on any device.

On this hands-on course, you'll learn how to use Google Web Designer to incorporate a range of content types, 3 dimensionally manipulate and animate that content and make it respond to how it is being viewed.

We'll teach you how to use labels and events to control the timeline to create interactivity. As well as hands-on experience with inbuilt templates and components that will allow you to quickly and easily generate common ad compositions.

Our Google Web Designer course is available as a private training or webinar session. We are happy to tailor the content to your business needs.

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course you’ll understand:

  • How to use all the Google Web Designer tools
  • Work with inbuilt templates and components
  • Create responsive interactive animations
  • Integrate Google Web Designer with the rest of the DoubleClick stack

Course Overview

Introduction to Google Web Designer

  • Project setup
  • Interface breakdown
  • Loading content
  • Working with text
  • Positioning and resizing
  • Using pages


  • Galleries
  • Interaction
  • Maps
  • Media


  • The timeline
  • Keyframes
  • Motion paths
  • Events and labels


  • 3D rotation
  • 3D translations


  • Ad validation
  • Publishing

Responsive Content

  • Master and media rules
  • Break points
  • Responsive positioning

Dynamic Content

  • Overview
  • Creating link to dynamic feeds
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Gained very practical advice that I could immediately put into practice.

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Very useful insights that have paid off time and time again since the course.