GenAI Bootcamp

Are you and your marketing team unsure about what GenAI is and how to start using it to your advantage? Come along to our Bootcamp to lock down the fundamentals and choose what works best for you and your team.

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Knowing and doing come together in this one-day session to take you and your team from knowing nothing about GenAI to leaving with a plan of action to wrap it into your marketing efforts.

You’ll start by learning what GenAI really is - and what it means for your business and your role in marketing. Then you’ll put this knowledge to work within your team, identifying and planning the opportunities you can seize with GenAI as your collaborator.

By the end of the session, you and your team will be aligned in terms of knowledge and your future plan, which you can then go away and start putting into action.

This GenAI Bootcamp course is available as a private training session that can be delivered via Virtual Classroom, or at a location of your choice in South Africa.

If you're not ready to join as part of a team, we recommend you check out our GenAI for Marketers: Fundamentals course instead.

Course overview

Who should attend:

This session is perfect for CMOs, CTOs, senior marketing professionals and senior business leaders, such as those working in sales.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the goals that GenAI can support you with
  • Audit if you have the right people with the right skills to build GenAI models or implement tools and features
  • Determine who should be responsible for managing your Gen AI model/s and tools
  • Select between different operating models and sourcing strategies for Gen AI talent and tools
  • Establish mitigation tasks to reduce risk
  • Map out the risks to your organization and recommendations for steering groups and governance frameworks

Course agenda

Explore GenAI and Its Marketing Applications
  • What does GenAI mean, what makes it unique within the field of 'AI'?
  • How does GenAI impact marketing?
  • What's changed in the industry as a result?
Get Inspired by What’s Out There Already
  • Inspiring use cases
  • Jellyfish's GenAI brand maturity curve
  • Understand your brand's 'share of model'
Opportunities & Risks
  • Creative conformity
  • Ways to reflect your brand style in GenAI tools
  • AI Bias
  • IP and data protection
Roles & Skills, & Becoming Better GenAI Collaborators
  • How roles are evolving with GenAI
  • The skills marketers will need to become better AI collaborators
  • Fostering AI collaboration within your organization
GenAI Models & Sourcing Strategies
  • What makes GenAI 'generative'?
  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and GenAI model types
  • Open source vs. proprietary models
  • Role and technology sourcing strategies
What We Have Achieved with GenAI Models
  • Insightful GenAI tools
  • Cool creatives that leverage AI
  • Inspiration from GenAI commercials and film making
Map Your GenAI opportunities
  • Workshop activity
Identify Key Stakeholders & Workflows
  • Workshop activity
Select GenAI Models & Operating Models
  • Workshop activity
Map Your Skill Opportunities & Gaps
  • Workshop activity
Risk Mapping & Mitigation Procedures
  • Workshop activity
Plan Your Ongoing Governance
  • Workshop activity

Next Steps:

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