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Start your journey in front end or back end web development with our short courses designed to help your understanding of the web programming languages that make up the core building blocks of a website.

Our practical, hands-on courses cover the web design basics from HTML & CSS to JavaScript & jQuery, PHP & MySQL to the fundamentals of web development.

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Web Development & Programming
Designed by experienced web development professionals, our courses will provide you with the web design skills to work as developers and start building web solutions.
Data Science and Machine Learning with Python
Want to harness the power of big data using data science and machine learning? This five-day instructor-led course is the perfect start.
Fundamentals of SQL for Analysts
Go from zero to hero in SQL with this two-day course taught by former Google & Salesforce BI analysts in BigQuery.
2 day Next course: 04 Sep Private/Classroom
Are you looking to learn HTML and web development but don't know where to start? Our two day HTML & CSS course will give you everything you need to know to start creating websites from scratch.
JavaScript & jQuery
2 day Next course: 10 Jul Private/Classroom
This two-day JavaScript & jQuery course will teach you how to pack your website with awesome features, animations and interactivity that will give your users a sense of professionalism and style.
2 day Next course: 17 Jul Virtual/Private/Classroom
Are you looking to add web functionality that only server side scripting will allow? Then our two day PHP & MySQL course is the perfect place to start.
1 day Next course: 24 Jul Private/Classroom
Gain the skills you need to create, optimise and effectively manage your website and blog posts on our WordPress course.
Python for Data Science
2 day Next course: 22 Jun Virtual/Private/Classroom
Python has become the go-to programming language for data science. On our two day course you will learn how to use it for next level data analysis that will give you a competitive edge.
Web Performance: Page Speed Fundamentals
Did you know that every second your page takes to load, your conversion rates can drop by 7%? This course will teach you what metrics influence site performance and how to monitor them effectively.
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Independent Service Rating based on 12 verified reviews
Daniel Wright 15 March, 2022
good course and dan knew his stuff
JavaScript & jQuery
Joan Villegas Eusse 10 November, 2020
It was a very complete training course. It teaches the basics and how to use some of the most used lines of codes. It is beneficial to kick off and flatten the learning curve.
JavaScript & jQuery
Trusted Customer 9 November, 2020
Coures is well paced and very interactive. Some C-based language background is needed but the instructor covered all the basics, which I think is quite useful.
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