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"Agreement" means the contract you have entered into by purchasing the services to which these terms and conditions apply.

"Contract Start Date" means the date this contract is formed.

"Course" means the Training course services which are provided to you by Jellyfish.

"Jellyfish" refers to Jellyfish Training Ltd.

"Services" means the facilities, course materials and support offered to you as part of your course.

"Trade Marks" means all names, marks and logos from time to time owned by or registered in Jellyfish’s name including without limitation "Jellyfish Training", or those of Jellyfish’s partners.

"Website" means jellyfish.com/en-gb/training or any other website Jellyfish may designate.

"You"/"Yourself" means the person/company who has purchased the services.

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Formation of contract

The Contract Start Date is defined as the day on which you indicate your acceptance of the Training Services on offer to you. By completing the booking process you are acknowledging acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Subject to the "Your right to cancel or transfer" clause below, this Agreement is not cancellable.

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Your right to cancel or transfer

If the Consumer Protection (Distant Selling) Regulations 2000 apply, you shall have the right to cancel this Agreement without any liability within 7 days of date of Agreement provided that Services have not commenced and are not due to commence in this period. Cancellation and/or transfer fees plus VAT below shall apply to cancellation or re-scheduling of any course by you unless the exceptions stated below apply.

Public scheduled courses:

Confirmed booking Transfer fee Cancellation fee
30 to 15 work days before course start date 0% 25%
14 to 8 work days before course start date 25% 50%
7 to 0 work days before course start date 50% 100%

Private courses:

Confirmed booking Transfer Charges Cancellation Charges
30 Days or fewer before Course start date / Jellyfish Training Services 50% of total Fees 100% of total Fees
31 Days or more before Course start date / Jellyfish Training Services 0% of total Fees 0% of total Fees

Online courses powered by Red & Yellow:

Confirmed booking Transfer fee Cancellation fee
30 to 15 work days before course start date 0% 0%
14 to 8 work days before course start date 0% 0%
7 to 2 work days before course start date 0% 10%
Cancellation on or after the course start date 0% 100%

You may substitute delegates by written notification to Jellyfish Training with the substitutes full name and email address. Please note transfer/name changes are not possible within 2 working day's of the course date.

When attending our London courses held at The Shard delegates will be required to present photo identification in the form of a passport or driver's license upon check-in. Unfortunately, if you are unable to present this on the day, access to the venue may be denied and Jellyfish reserves the right to refuse a refund.

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Cancellation of Classroom Courses by Jellyfish Training

Jellyfish reserves the right to cancel a course at any time without liability. In these circumstances, delegates will be offered an alternative date. Jellyfish is not liable for any expenses incurred unless the course is cancelled within 2 working days of the start day, when Jellyfish will refund expenses up to £100 plus VAT on production of original expense receipts.

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Cancellation of Online Course by Jellyfish Training

If you wish to cancel your order of a Jellyfish Online course you can do so within 24 hours of the date of purchase and a full refund will be given. Please email training@jellyfish.com

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Cancellation of Online Courses powered by Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow may, in its sole discretion elect to discontinue any of the courses by giving notice of 5 working days to you. In the event of such a cancellation, Jellyfish Training shall refund the amount made by you in full within 30 working days of such cancellation.

Red & Yellow may, terminate your participation from any course where you are found guilty of plagiarism and/or of contravening any of the other Terms and Conditions. In the event of a cancellation of your participation Jellyfish Training shall not be liable to you for any refund or compensation.

Red & Yellow reserves the right to cancel the entire course if there is insufficient demand. Students will then receive a full refund or you can defer your credit to a later date.

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Deferrals by you

6.2.1 In the event that you wish to defer your participation in any course for which you have registered and paid in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, you are required to apply for a deferral by addressing Jellyfish Training in writing by no later than 7 working days prior to the date of commencement of the course. Red & Yellow shall not accept any applications for deferrals which take place after the commencement of a course and will not award any credits for assignments completed at the time of deferral.

6.2.2 In the event that you fail to notify Red & Yellow and fail to participate in the course from the commencement, you shall not be entitled to any refund and/or deferrals and shall have no claim against Red & Yellow or Jellyfish Training.

6.2.3 In the event of your application for deferral being accepted by Red & Yellow, you shall not be entitled to any refund for any amount already paid but shall be entitled to defer your participation in the course, subject to re-registering for the deferred course within 6 (six) months of the date that you received written confirmation of your deferral application being accepted by Red & Yellow.

6.2.4 Red & Yellow does not guarantee that the courses will be on offer in the future and if you choose to delay your participation in any course, you do so entirely at your own risk.

6.2.5 In the event that you do not wish to register for the same course that you initially registered for, or if the course for which you were registered being fully subscribed for and/or if it is no longer available, you shall be entitled to defer for a course of equal or lesser value, provided that where you register for a course of a lesser value, you shall not be entitled to a refund of the difference in the amount for the two relevant courses. In the event of the deferred course being of a higher value, you shall be obliged (before being permitted to commence) to pay the balance to Jellyfish Training in accordance with the payment terms.

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Jellyfish may terminate the provision of any part of the classroom and online services or restrict your access to services without any prior notice to you where (by way of example and without limitation):

7.1 there is a regulatory or statutory change limiting Jellyfish’s ability to provide the services;

7.2 any event beyond Jellyfish’s reasonable control prevents Jellyfish from continuing to provide the services. Jellyfish will use Jellyfish’s reasonable endeavours to find a solution by which Jellyfish’s obligations under this agreement may be performed despite the event in question;

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Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, funds must have cleared 14 days after receipt of your invoice or 14 days prior to your first course date; whichever falls first. Failure to receive the course fees in adherence with these terms means that Jellyfish reserves the right to refuse access to the course.

Bookings made within 14 days of the course delivery date may only be paid via credit card, not invoice. Jellyfish reserves the right to make exceptions to this rule by prior agreement.

If you choose to pay by credit card or debit card, payment will be taken securely through the Website. All credit or debit card information you provide is encrypted using the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, ensuring your credit or debit card details are safe and secure. The Website also meets the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) which was created to ensure organisations that process card payments prevent fraud.

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The prices quoted on this site are correct at the date of publication and for 30 days thereafter. Jellyfish reserves the right to adjust these prices outside this period.

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Services updates

Jellyfish reserve the right to amend, substitute, modify and improve the content and format of any service (in whole or part) or to substitute and modify the service required from time to time to form a Course in the light of Jellyfish’s industry experience or ongoing improvements in its service to you.

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Acceptable use policy

You agree to abide by all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct and ensure that any material uploaded or distributed or stored by you does not infringe the rights of others.

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Code of conduct

You shall use the services strictly in accordance with these terms and conditions and shall not misuse the services. You shall comply with all reasonable instructions or directions given by Jellyfish in respect of the services.

In accessing the services you agree not to:

12.1 reproduce or redistribute the content (other than as allowed under these terms and conditions), modify or in any way commercially exploit any of the content;

12.2 remove the copyright or trademark notice(s) from any copies of the training course content;

12.3 create a database by systematically downloading and storing all and any of the content;

12.4 make any commercial or business use of the services or resell or commercially benefit from any part or aspect of the services;

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Limitation of liability

Jellyfish will only be liable for losses which are foreseeable to both you and to Jellyfish as a consequence of Jellyfish breaching these terms of sale and caused by Jellyfish’s own negligence. Jellyfish will not be responsible for any commercial or business losses (including without limit loss of goodwill, profits, contracts, anticipated savings, data, or wasted expenditure) or any other indirect or consequential loss that was not reasonably foreseeable to both you and Jellyfish at the time Jellyfish’s contract was formed, or at the time you began using Jellyfish’s service.

Jellyfish exclude, to the extent permitted by law, any express or implied warranties and conditions. Nothing in the foregoing shall limit Jellyfish’s liability for death or personal injury or as otherwise required by law.

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You agree to indemnify (and to hold Jellyfish and any of Jellyfish’s officers, employees and agents) from and against all and any expenses, losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses incurred or suffered and any claims or legal proceedings which are brought or threatened, in each case arising from your use of the services and/or your breach of these terms and conditions.

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Complaints and course guarantee

All complaints and claims relating to Jellyfish’s Training Services must be received in writing to training@jellyfish.com within 14 days of the course date. If the claim is requesting a replacement course then the replacement course must occur within 90 days of the original course date.

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Online courses powered by Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow makes no representations and gives no guarantees whatsoever about participant’s suitability for a particular course based on the levels of difficulty and/or complexity of and/or any pre-requisites for participation in the courses. Should you have questions about the level of difficulty of a course, you shall be obliged to address Red & Yellow in writing, prior to enrolment for such a course in order to satisfy yourself that the course is suitable for your and/or the participants’ ability and Red & Yellow shall accept no responsibility in this regard.

The courses offered through this site are operated through an online LMS powered by Moodle. Once you have been registered, Red & Yellow will provide you with an individual online “Login” (username and password) through which the course material will be distributed to you.

You are required at your own cost to download all resources and assignment which may include, amongst other things, course notes, video lectures, discussion forums, weekly assignments and/or recommended reading.

The course is delivered to you via the Red & Yellow Learning Centre (learning.quirk.biz/portal) which is an online platform designed to facilitate interaction between students and the course convenors (“the learning centre”). You will be required to interact via the learning centre.

Red & Yellow shall use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that its course convenors are available to address your questions between 09h00 and 17h00 on Mondays to Fridays (South African time) but cannot be held responsible for any failure to be available where such failure is outside of the reasonable control of Red & Yellow.

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Lack of access

Jellyfish Training and Red & Yellow shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the online availability in respect of the course platform is available at all times. However, Jellyfish Training and Red & Yellow gives no undertakings or guarantees that its site and/or the platform through which the courses are provided will be available and error free at all times and Jellyfish Training or Red & Yellow shall not be held responsible for any loss, disruption of or interruption in your participation in the course and any damage or loss resulting there from caused either by any technical error with its site and/or any other website and/or by your computer and/or as a result of a disruption of your access to the internet.

Jellyfish Training or Red & Yellow are not responsible for technical support of any external websites and where you are required to use external websites in connection with the course, you are required to contact the support services of those external websites directly.

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Moderated online course assessments

As part of the course, Red & Yellow will assess you in accordance with its assessment criteria and will issue a certificate of participation to participants who achieve a mark of 50% (fifty percent) or higher for the applicable course.

Unless specifically provided in the course description on our site, the course is not accredited.

Red & Yellow will award “Red & Yellow accreditation” for participants who achieve a mark of 75% (seventy five percent) or higher on selected digital marketing courses.

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You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy or re-sell any part of our site or learning centre in contravention of the provisions of our terms of website use.

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Information management

Jellyfish will use any personal data collected during your studies or other contact with Jellyfish in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and Jellyfish’s Privacy Statement from time to time. You may view Jellyfish’s Privacy Statement on the Website.

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Special offers

Use of any special offer or discount code is subject to the following terms:

  • All offers and discounts are made at Jellyfish's discretion and can be withdrawn at any time;
  • Offers and discounted rates cannot be applied retrospectively to a previous booking. You cannot cancel a course and then rebook it at the reduced rate.
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Contact Jellyfish Training

If you have any queries concerning any part of these terms and conditions please contact Jellyfish Training by email to: training@jellyfish.com or by post to our registered address at 31 London Road, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9SS

All notice (to be given by you under these terms and conditions) and all other written communications from you, must be in writing and may be delivered or sent by prepared first class letter post, or by email, although for service by email to be valid, receipt of email needs to be acknowledged by Jellyfish. Any notice or document shall be deemed served if delivered, at the time of delivery; or if posted, 48 hours after posting; or if sent by email, at the time of acknowledgement by Jellyfish.

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This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales. Nothing in these terms and conditions will reduce your rights under current UK law (including statutory rights) relating to the supply of unsatisfactory services.