Digital Leadership

Leading in an era of change and disruption

The digital revolution provides huge advantages but only for those ready to step up to the challenge.

Change and opportunity starts at the top and your executive and senior teams need to understand how their actions and behaviours affect digital strategy.

Led by our team of experienced consultants, our Digital Leadership courses and learning programmes will equip your leaders with all the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to lead in a digital first business.

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Digital Leadership
All of our Digital Leadership courses are designed to be thought provoking, challenging and experiential. Each focuses on key elements of Digital Leadership and can be taken individually or collectively.
Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age
1 day Next course: 16 Jun
Learn the tools, behaviours, and inventive thinking techniques to be a game-changing leader in the digital age with this highly experiential one day course.
High Performing Teams for the Digital Age
Discover the new insight and science behind building high performing teams in a world revolutionised by digital change in this highly experiential one day course.
Resilience for the Digital Age
Overcome stress in a world of accelerating change by developing your personal and organisation’s resilience in this highly experiential one day course.
Visionary Thinking in the Digital Age
Create a new vision or strategy for your organisation or team using Three Horizons and future-back thinking so you can thrive in the digital age in this one day course.
Innovation and Design Thinking
Learn how to successfully innovate in today’s ultra-competitive world using Design Thinking and creating a culture of innovation on this one day course.
Leading Change in the Digital Age
Discover how to lead change in the digital age by engaging your entire organisation and creating the essential climate for transformation, with this highly experiential one day course.
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