Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age

Are you aiming to become a pioneer in the rapidly evolving digital world? Gain the skills - and mindset - you need to become a top-performing leader with this one-day course, delivered by experts in behavioural change.

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1 day course
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Our Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age course gives you the knowledge, skills and beliefs that are essential to be a truly successful leader in a world revolutionised by digitisation, automation and AI.

During the session, you’ll uncover the forces revolutionising the way we live and work using the latest insights from organisations such as the World Economic Forum. We’ll use cutting-edge behavioural science to unlock the key skills required to lead in the digital era, including: invention, authenticity, agility, resilience, risk-taking and collaboration.

You’ll develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and learn techniques to enhance your thinking-style, align your values and beliefs, and build agility. These foundations will help enhance your impact as a top-performing leader.

This Transformational Leadership in the Digital Age course is delivered via Virtual Classroom. We also offer it as a private training session that can be delivered virtually or at a location of your choice in the UK.

Course overview

Who should attend:

If you’re a leader, senior manager or part of a leadership team, and are serious about making the changes required so that you and your business can thrive and grow in the digital age, then this course is for you.

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how self-awareness, emotional intelligence and an authentic leadership style drives success in a constantly revolutionising digital world
  • Use and develop key skills required in the digital age
  • Utilise strategies to communicate and inspire a high-performing digital workforce
  • Use tools to build a culture of emotional safety and encourage innovation and effective risk-taking

Course agenda

Understanding the Context
  • The latest thinking on how the digital revolution is impacting organisations leveraging research from the World Economic Forum and Henley Business School
  • Why a different style of leadership is required in a world without certainty
The Digital Leader
  • How is leadership in the digital age different?
  • Are your core values, beliefs and thinking styles congruent with leadership in the digital age?
  • Evolving your beliefs and thinking styles for leadership excellence
  • How to develop a digital vision and strategy using the acclaimed Three Horizons Model
How to inspire & Communicate with a Digital Workforce
  • Develop from heroic, individual leadership to distributed leadership
  • Leveraging cultural and demographic diversity
  • Motivation and the importance of purpose
Building a High-performing Digital Organisation
  • How to create the right climate for innovation
  • Creating a culture of psychological safety (synthesising neuroscience with insight from Google’s Project Aristotle
  • Embedding improvement with a coaching culture
Reflection & Commitment to Action
  • Reflect on your personal learning
  • Create an integrated action plan that drives deep organisational commitment and can be maintained and evolved in a constantly revolutionising digital marketplace
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