Social Media Marketing

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Social Media courses, available from the UK or online globally

Social media has transformed marketing, providing a way to engage directly with your customers via online networks. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build in-depth knowledge, we’ll deliver the practical skills and actionable advice your campaigns need.

Our training courses are led by experienced practitioners, covering all aspects of social media from organic to paid advertising across all the major platforms.

All of our courses can be delivered at our London training centre, online via virtual classroom or privately at any global location of your choice.

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Social Media Marketing
Our broad range of social media courses cover everything you need to help you build your business - or your career. Try our introductory overview courses or our platform-specific training, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Mastering Social Media Content Creation
1 day Next course: 29 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to discover what it takes to become a social media expert? Our one-day course covers everything you need to know to create content and strategies that will make an impact.
Introduction to Social Media
1 day Next course: 05 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Social Media is a key communication tool for today's digital marketers. Our Introduction to Social Media course will help grow your confidence in understanding and using social media platforms for business.
Social Media Strategy
1 day Next course: 04 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Looking to develop or improve your social media strategy, but not sure where to start? Learn how to create a robust social media plan which will drive impact and help your campaigns succeed.
Social Media Advertising
1 day Next course: 13 Feb Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to advertise on the social media platforms your target audience spend most of their time on? This one-day course will help you get started.
Social Media Measurement
Discover why Social Media Measurement is essential for social media marketing and develop strategies to drive brand success on this one-day course.
Social Commerce
1 day Next course: 15 Dec Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to set shopping across Meta and TikTok? Our Social Commerce course will help you master best practice to market shoppable products via organic, paid and creator strategies.
Introduction to Facebook Advertising
1 day Next course: 25 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to scale your business and to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram Ads like a pro? Make the perfect start with our one-day Facebook Ads course.
Facebook Advanced: Media Planning
Next course: 08 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to improve your existing Facebook Advertising campaigns? Our course will teach you how to gather data and improve your campaign strategy to meet business goals.
Facebook Advanced: Media Buying
Next course: 09 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Looking to learn advanced techniques to improve brand awareness and drive performance? Our course will teach you how to strategically plan and optimise your Facebook Advertising campaigns.
Facebook Tracking & Measurement
1 day Next course: 11 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to set up and track your Facebook campaigns using data, insights and measurement to make informed digital marketing decisions.
LinkedIn Marketing
1 day Next course: 11 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to find and reach your target audience on LinkedIn? Learn how to create thumb-stopping content and build, execute and optimise ads in LinkedIn Campaign Manager on this one-day course.
Employee Advocacy on LinkedIn
Learn how to build a brand on LinkedIn through your own profile, achieving success for both your personal brand and the business that you work for.
Twitter Marketing
Led by one of our Social Media experts, this one-day course will help you build and develop your Twitter platform strategy.
TikTok Marketing
1 day Next course: 15 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to grow your audience on TikTok and master best practices for building brand impact? Learn to create successful, full-funnel creative strategies on this short-form video platform.
Pinterest Marketing
1 day Next course: 12 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to learn how to plan and implement successful campaigns across Pinterest? This one-day course will help you build a robust strategy, helping you drive meaningful actions on your Pinterest page and across your website.
Content & Influencer Marketing
1 day Next course: 18 Jan Virtual/Private/Classroom
Learn how to produce high-quality content that attracts and retains customers on our one-day Content & Influencer Marketing course.
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TikTok Marketing
Tiko Tarawali 2 October, 2023
Absolutely amazing! Zoe was an amazing teacher, bringing fun as well as education.
Facebook Advertising Standard
Mhairi Gowans 30 May, 2022
I was very happy with the training and with the extra advice your team have been able to provide me after the training session ended (I had some problems which couldn't be resolved during the training itself due to time constraints.)
Introduction to Social Media
Vicky Wragg 19 January, 2022
Coverage was good and flow was clear but I would have preferred a little more theory and less examples/
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