Our full range of Creative Training Courses

Regardless of what type of product you are dealing with, the beginning and the end is always the Creative. It is the point of contact between you and your audience and as a result, it is essential that you have the skills to be creative.

We offer a wide range of courses across the Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as training on Smartphone Video creation, Social Media content creation and animated web banners.

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From vector to bitmap, video to sound our range of Adobe and Creative courses will equip you with all the practical knowledge of the tools that you will need to start your creative journey.
Adobe Illustrator CC
1 day Next course: 13 Oct Virtual/Private/Classroom
Do you want to understand how to create and manipulate vector images? Our Adobe Illustrator CC course will help start your journey on mastering one of the corner stones of the design industry.
Adobe Photoshop CC
1 day Next course: 25 Nov Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to take your image editing to the next level? Our Adobe Photoshop CC course will give you the skills you need to start working with images for any purpose.
Adobe InDesign CC
Whether you work in publishing, design or media, our one day Adobe InDesign CC course will help you get started in creating professional print and digital layouts that make an impression.
Adobe XD Kickstarter
Looking to create engaging interfaces while optimising your design process? Experience the versatility and power of Adobe XD and learn how to design the next generation user interfaces more effectively, efficiently on this one-day course.
Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice
1 day Next course: 15 Oct Virtual/Private/Classroom
If you’re employed to write for your company, if you freelance, or if you simply write for pleasure then this course is made for you.
Graphic Design
Take the first steps to building your creative career in design on this 10-week online training course delivered by our partners Red & Yellow.
Studio Fundamentals
1 day Next course: 28 Oct Virtual/Private/Classroom
Understand the concept of Rich Media and Dynamic Creative Optimisation and start to deliver high impact and complex Rich Media creative executions.
Smartphone Video Creation
1 day Next course: 07 Jan Private/Classroom
Do you want to learn how to capture the everyday on your smartphone and re-purpose it with a stronger message? Learn the fundamentals of video production and storytelling on our one day course.
Animated Web Banners
Want to take your web animation skills to the next level and use HTML, CSS & JavaScript to create professional banners? This course will get you started.
Adobe Premiere Pro
This one day Adobe Premiere Pro course will help you jump start your productive skills and provide you with the essential building blocks to become a video editing professional.
Google Web Designer
1 day Next course: 04 Nov Virtual/Private/Classroom
Want to be at the cutting edge of the program Google has developed to make it easy to create rich media ads? Then our Google Web Designer course is the perfect place to start.