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Creative acts as the point of contact between you and your audience. To hone your creative skills, we offer a wide range of courses across the Adobe Creative Cloud, as well as training on smartphone video creation and animated web banners.



Our Creative design courses teach you to master Adobe platforms, create videos on your phone, and design animated web banners.

Persuasive Writing


Need to make your copy more powerful and persuasive? On this one-day course, discover smarter ways to change how - not just what - you write, and create better performing, more compelling content.

Introduction to Figma


Want to be able to work on designs collaboratively with your team and build working prototypes which you can share with your clients effortlessly? Our one-day course is the perfect place to start.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Private/Classroom Next course: 05 Jun

Looking to learn how to create and manipulate vector images? Our Adobe Illustrator CC course will start you on your journey toward mastering one of the cornerstones of the design industry.

£399 ex VAT

Adobe Photoshop CC

Private/Classroom Next course: 04 Jun

Want to take your picture-editing to the next level but not sure where to start? Our Adobe Photoshop CC course will give you the skills you need to start working with images for any purpose.

£399 ex VAT

Smartphone Video Creation


Do you want to learn how to capture the everyday on your smartphone and repurpose it with a stronger message? Learn the fundamentals of video production and storytelling on our one-day course.

Adobe InDesign CC

Private/Classroom Next course: 24 Jul

Looking to create impressive documents for both print and digital layouts? Whether you're in media or design, our one-day Adobe InDesign CC course will introduce you to the most important tool in publishing.

£399 ex VAT

Adobe Premiere Pro

Private/Classroom Next course: 26 Jul

Ready to kickstart your journey as an aspiring videographer? Join our one-day Adobe Premiere Pro course for the essential building blocks, practical knowledge and AI capabilities you need to excel in the field of video editing.

£399 ex VAT

Adobe XD Kickstarter


Looking to create engaging interfaces while optimising your design process? Experience the versatility and power of Adobe XD and learn how to design the next generation user interfaces more effectively, efficiently on this one-day course.

Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 25 Jun

Want to write more powerful, effective copy, and get more creative with tips you can start using immediately? This one-day course will help you become an even more successful writer, whatever your sector or discipline.

£499 ex VAT

Studio Fundamentals


Master the elements that make up the Studio platform - including Rich Media, Dynamic Creative Optimisation and Data-driven Creatives - so that you can start to deliver complex, high-impact designs.

Google Web Designer

Virtual/Private/Classroom Next course: 19 Aug

Want to be at the cutting edge of the programme Google has developed to create high-quality and complex rich media ads? Then our Google Web Designer course is the perfect place to start.

£599 ex VAT
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Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice

A very fun and practical course with a lot of engagement opportunity. Max was really helpful in explaining the foundations of copywriting and branding. It really opened my eyes to delve deep into the world of copywriting.

Trusted Customer 8 April, 2024

Animated Web Banners

I Really enjoyed this course, Daniel was excellent at delivering the training in bite-sized chunks so that I had time to absorb the information. I went straight from the course into designing online banners in Google Web Designer, these banners are now in use. I have also enrolled my Artworker Josh onto the course in May.

Linus 10 March, 2023

Copywriting, Branding & Tone of Voice

Kineta Kelsall is an excellent trainer. Well prepared materials and encourages engagement throughout with relevant exercises. She shares best practice examples and responds to any follow up questions from the participants.

Trusted Customer 18 September, 2022