Gemini for Workspace

How can you work smarter, not harder? Discover how generative AI empowers you to achieve more with less effort - and learn how to wield it to unleash your creativity and productivity.

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Generative AI is an essential tool in today’s world. This workshop is your gateway to a more seamless, efficient, and inspiring Google Workspace experience, and will teach you everything you know about Gemini, Google’s generative AI.

During the instructor-led session, you’ll get hands-on experience using Gemini for Google Workspace across different applications. We’ll then help you prompt it directly to generate content. By the end of the course, you'll be a Generative AI power user, equipped with the skills to automate repetitive tasks, enhance your creativity, and work smarter - not harder.

Our Gemini for Workspace course is available via Virtual Classroom. It can also be run as a private training session that can be delivered virtually or at location of your choice in the US.

Course overview

What you'll learn:

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explore Gemini's core features, such as email summarisation, reply suggestions, and document drafting assistance
  • Create content seamlessly; craft compelling business proposals, engaging social media posts, and even creative narratives - all with AI's helping hand
  • Boost your design game; add stunning visuals to your presentations, generate unique images, icons and charts directly within Google Slides, giving your assets an extra wow factor
  • Apply new data analysis skills: forego tedious data crunching and use Gemini to analyse complex datasets in Sheets, generate insightful reports, and even predict future trends

Course agenda

  • Introduction and objectives
  • The day's agenda
What is Generative AI?
  • What is generative AI?
  • Applications of Generative AI
  • Key principles of prompt engineering
Gemini for Google Workspace
  • Write with Gemini in Google Docs
  • Organise with Gemini in Google Sheets
  • Create images with Gemini in Google Slides
  • Draft emails with Gemini
GenAI Use Cases Across Industries
  • How generative AI is being used in retail
  • How generative AI is being used in healthcare
  • How generative AI is being used in entertainment
Q&A & Next Steps
  • Wrap-up
  • Next steps
  • Reading and resources

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